The Color of God

When asked what "race" I think God is, I answer, God is multi-racial! All of the races on earth, I believe, are the different emanations of the race of God! All the full races on earth are a single emanation of one small part of the "blood" of God. Every race on earth shares a small part in the whole racial structure of God, that is what I believe. To be multi-racial is to be just a little more like God. It is odd how people can believe that everything is an emanation of God, but then believe that God most assuredly looks like what they look like (if they are white, they think God is white, so on and so forth.) But if everything is an emanation of God, then every race is an emanation of God, a small part of God. Therefore, the total structure of the race of God is not a single thing, but the whole of many things. Funny how a white person will see himself as "full white" or a black person will see herself as "full black," so on and so forth, and think that his/her essence represents fullness– again with the arrogance. The fullness of man is a small speck of God. God is multiracial.

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