Angels and Demons, God and Man

According to Enoch, in The Book of Enoch, the sons of God (the angels) who were watching over mankind, fell in love with humanity and all her frailties, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses. They saw that she (humanity), could be helped, they wanted to share their secrets and the mysteries of Heaven with mankind, they wanted to give gifts and to comfort and to uplift! They saw the changes that needed to be made in order to elevate humanity to higher levels of occupancy in the universe, so they chose to become a part of humanity, themselves! They knew that infiltrating the human race would serve as a doorway to transform it! They took women as their wives, and had offspring upon the earth. But because of this, they were thrown into Tartarus, bound up and concealed in darkness! Hidden so that their faces could never again see any form of light! Not the light of God, not the light of man, not the light of the sun!

At first, we ask ourselves why such utter damnation fell upon them, just for falling in love with mankind! And my heart bleeds for the angels, who gave so much for nothing. Was it worth it? Was the human race worth suffering an eternity for? And look! Look at what she has done with all those secrets and all those mysteries! Nothing! Nothing but evil! Even if you shine a light so brightly into the faces of  man, so that they will change, they still never change their ways! And where is a righteous man who will stand up in the name of justice, even if this justice does not benefit himself? Show me a single righteous woman who will take a stand for what is right, even if that stand does not benefit herself! There is none! At least, I have known none! So I cannot say otherwise, because I can only speak from what I have known!

Perhaps God knew that it would not be worth it, that's why the angels were damned! It hasn't been worth it, for the past millennia! So why would it be worth it, now? Now that we are entering into a new one? Maybe it won't depend on angels and demons, maybe it needs to depend on humanity, itself! It's time that humanity stand on her own two feet! Take responsibility for the pains she has caused Heaven, Earth, and Hell! And suffer the consequences! Am I being too harsh? I don't know, maybe. But I can't help but see mankind as a race that angels and other godlike beings have suffered too long for! She deceives with her apparent innocence, but betrays with her true intent! But if it is not a time to finally suffer, then perhaps it is really a time to finally change! The need for change must come from within their own hearts, because no matter of shining any light, has done any good, for so long! There should be a turning point– either evolve, or be forgotten!

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Warning: I do not recommend reading the book of Enoch. It is not a reading which will be safe for everyone. You need the supervision of archangels to even begin reading this writing, and if not, you will be thrown into a wild confusion. Therefore, please don't attempt to.

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