What If Nothing Ever Ends?

Here's a truly frightening idea: What if the world never comes to an end? Have you ever thought of that? It seems like looking for the end of the world is more of an act of anticipation! Has anyone realized that over and over and over again, there have been "end dates" for humanity, yet we're still here until now? And just think, how much of those feelings are actually feelings of anticipation rather than dread? I think it is the instinct of humanity to search for a final end to this world, and the true fear lies in the idea that the world might not ever end! Take a moment of your time to contemplate that thought: nothing ever ending! Now, that's a true fear, if I may say so myself!

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  1. I never felt that the end of the world was upon us on 12.21.12. The Mayans felt that we were in for something even more exciting and new. That is what I feel in my own life. It's an opening up to a whole new way of being. Now to the point that you asked: "What if nothing ever ended?" That would depend. If your life were like living in HELL then I would say that you are screwed. But if life changed around a bit and held some intrigue then I would say be would be alright. To paraphrase Woody Allen: "I don't mind about death-- I just don't want to be there when it happens." I thoroughly agree with him. jk the secret keeper j. kiley


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