The Value Of Your Flaw

I have had a new realization! And it is about the necessity and the goodness of shortcomings! We ask ourselves "Why all the shortcomings?" Well, at least those of us who are not disillusioned thinking we are impeccable and incapable of being flawed– we see our shortcomings, therefore, we are able to ask ourselves about the necessity of these! For example, there is the flaw in man that dictates he/she is only able to see the worth/the value of a things/a person, when the thing or person is already beyond reach! "You don't know what you've got until it's gone" is what they say! This is surely a flaw, I think! Because if only you are able to see the true value of something or someone during the time that you are still able to do something about it, then there would be less shortcomings, far less regrets in life! But why are we constantly caught in the back and forth of losing sight of value, and then finding it? One can move from plain to plain, from plateau to plateau, only seeing the beauty of the place he has already left, when he gets to the other place! It is a great stupidity! Yet it keeps on happening! Why? And so we are led to see our shortcomings, in many different ways! Moreover, it is always easy to see the shortcomings in another person, and say, "Oh I am so much better than that," which leads to the enlargement of the ego. It feels good when the ego is enlarged, doesn't it? And that's why people keep on looking for ways to enlarge it! Quite like how a cat looks for ways to be stroked, finding reasons to purr! When your ego inflates, that is like the purring of a cat! And you always want to feel that beautiful rhythm, so you naturally look for ways to make it happen! Whether subconsciously, or in all awareness!

So, it is very easy to see the fault of your neighbor; but it takes a true maturity to look at your neighbor in all of his faults, and recognize that you could very well be right in the same place that he is in! It takes a true acceptance of the nature of life, to be able to look at your neighbor in all of her faults, and plainly see that you could be in her shoes, at that very moment, if not only for the good grace of God! And in fact, you right now in all of your finesse and thought-out, laid-out refinement, could be somebody else's laughing stock! Because someone else out there has already risen from your levels of "perfection", into an even purer one! I like to think of it this way: God forbid I look upon myself and realize myself to be a hypocrite, one day; I would rather look at my neighbor in all of her imperfection and ingratitude and see her as someone that I might have been, or someone that I might be right now, in the eyes of somebody else! 

As you can see, shortcoming has a beautiful purpose, if we are only able to look at ourselves in the mirror and allow ourselves to see them! Shortcomings allow us vision, allow us to see past what is simply in front of our eyes, our shortcomings afford us foresight! Our shortcomings allow us to have mercy, instead of judgment! When I look at myself and see all of my flaws, the one thing that I wish I could change, is my past judgments of other people! When you judge someone for being a certain way, life has a way of one day putting you exactly right in that same position, and suddenly you understand why the person was that way or why the person did this and did that. At the end of the day, your shortcomings allow you to have grace, tolerance, not only for others, but for yourself! We are taught the falsity that we are allowed our own opinions about everyone else, but I believe this is untrue. I believe I would rather not have an opinion about someone else, lest life put me in that very same spot as that other person, just so I will taste what it's like! The truth is, we are only separated in our lots in life, by the grace of God! And by the choices that we make, too! There is a very thin line between you and the prostitute. You could have been a prostitute, too. There is a very thin line between you and the homeless person, the person sleeping on a cardboard box on the street. You could have been born that person, or circumstances could have driven you to become just like that person. And when we look at people in all of their beliefs which we deem to be wrong and void, we have to stop and think that there is a very thin line between us and them. What if you were born into a family of Catholics? Then you would probably be Catholic! What if you were born in the Middle East? Then you would most probably be a Muslim! There are these hair-thin lines that spell out where people are in this world, their lots in life! And that is why there literally is no space left for making any judgments! 

How far can we go, judging ourselves, then? Lets say you are fully capable of looking at your reflection in the mirror and accepting the existence of your flaws, how far should you go judging your own self? Should you continue to the point that all you see are your wrongdoings? Absolutely not! But you must live in the grace of God, so you may look at yourself through the eyes of His grace, and see that your shortcomings are windows into eternity. Your shortcomings are holes in the wall of space and time. If you allow yourself to see your imperfections, you will be able to become so much more! Funny how a person becomes so much more, only when he becomes so much less!

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  1. This really inspired me a lot.... We shouldn't aim to be a perfect person, instead we should just accept our flaws and leave behind those thoughts of judging other people.


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