To Bleed And To Burn

To Bleed And To Burn

I was asked of how I believe in love; of the way that I see it and the way that I respond to it. Of how I recognize it and if my heart has ever longed for it. And in that instant, I realized, for the first time, that not all people are like me! Not all people are born with a burning flame within themselves. Not all people were born as a baby in this flesh, possessing wings within the soul– wings that wish to fly everlastingly and be reunited with "the other one" eternally! 

I answered, "Well isn't it not all the same? Isn't it that we come into this world and from day one we begin our search for our "other one"? Is it not that we search and search as one searches for an emerald, or a ruby; a sapphire or a diamond? And is it not that when we see it, we know what it is?" 

Is it not?

But no, my eyes were opened, unveiled, and I saw like a small baby opening her eyes for the first time after being born into this world, that it is not the same for everyone! Mostly, they don't know what it is that they look for; they say it's love but their love is something else! Mostly, they make decisions; their heart doesn't bleed over in desire and want! Mostly, they are able to sleep in perfect warmth, without the arms of "the other one" around them! They don't see her in their dreams at night, or they don't see him in their dreams at night... they don't know what this is...the love of those few who are like me.

Copyright 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved


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  2. Very nice.
    San Francisco reader

  3. Well written, well said!

  4. Its the light I always ♥ look for in every crowd and in that light I know im home and happy and safe.


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