My Eyes

Another piece you can expect to find in my next book of poetry. I just wrote this one a few minutes ago...

My Eyes

I have a very remarkable relationship
With myself
I want to call it strange
But that would just sound too odd

You see
I keep on forgetting myself
And keep on colliding into all these
Other things like

My own fears and expectations
I’m always left breathless
My heart never stops pounding
Everything is always new!

My own serenity and castles
I’m always left in a tangible Olympian
Existence of peace
A peace that dilates my soul!

When my soul dilates
My heart starts pounding
I never remember myself for too long

Until I run into myself
Or until someone comes along
And reminds me

And wouldn’t it be wonderful if
A person like that could
Stay forever
Then I would never forget myself

Seeing my soul’s reflection
In his eyes every day
Would remind me to stop
Flying in the winds!

But can I even help myself
If I am blown about in the winds?
For I know not if I have any attributes
Of flesh and blood

Of earth and clay

I think that
I eat off the wind
My heart beats to the drums of fire
My skin swims to the rhythm of water

My eyes are made of mercury

Copyright © 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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  1. I just discovered your writing and now I can't stop reading your work. I absolutely love this new poem! You have such a gift with words and your philosophies on life are so refreshing! I just mentioned you in a blog post for my favorite female writer.


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