The following is something I wrote last year, which I will be incorporating into my next book of poetry:


Maybe I just need to accept my fate
There are only a very few like us
Perchance we will never find
One another
Perhaps I will never find
My other half
The other half of my soul
The other being just like me
I know he is there
He comes to me in my dreams at night
And teaches me many things
He shows me my lives of old
And guides me through the
Coming sorrows of my future
He is there
Yes he is
But I cannot touch him
Save for in my dreams
I cannot hold him
Save for my spiritual journeys
I am so tired
Of the wait
I am worn and bruised
I am ruined and broken
Must I wait still
What if it is only a dream
And he will never come to me?
If he is there
How could he stay afar for so long?
Have mercy on me, Almighty Providence
Take me under your wing Divine Intervention
Have mercy on Your wandering one
I have wandered too long
And I am pained too much
Let not my enemies scoff at me
Let not my enemies triumph over me
May he walk out from my dreams
And into this realm
May he step out of my memories
And stand in front of my eyes
For I am weary and vexed
Are there no others like me out there?
Is there only one of us left?
If there are more, and if you hear me
Come to me now
Save me, deliver me
Take me into you, as your own

Copyright © 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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