Today I have been reflecting on the nature of the swan, and on the beauty of that nature. The swan takes up a big part of my own symbolism as incorporated into my "The Three Flights" emblem which can be seen as the trademark profile photo at my writer page, and also on the cover of my book, The Suns Snow And The Sands Move. While I will save the explanation and definition of the emblem itself for a later date, I just want to talk about the swan, for now.

Why contemplate on the nature of the swan? Why be mesmerized by its beauty? There is something exceedingly true and genuine about this beautiful creation of God! Without making a motion, without making a noise, the swan can glide serenely and gracefully over the surface of the water and cause all heads to turn! Without calling for attention, all attention is given to it. Without causing a commotion, people will rise and walk or even run to watch it glide by– and the swan doesn't even notice! In fact, the beautiful creature will be so engrossed in the way of the movements of the water and of its own body, that it seems untouchable and in its own realm of beauty, altogether! 

I have never forgotten a single swan that I have ever seen glide by, in front of me! Even a mere glimpse is enough to retain it's image in my memory. Without calling for it, without manipulations and deceit, the swan manages to embed itself in my memory and take up a very special place in my heart, just because I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it! There is absolutely no struggle to be unforgotten!

The swan as my personal emblem, represents everything that I believe I stand for when it comes to true beauty and true grace. Now if only I can find those that share in my nature; for I have long since been surrounded by too many ducks.

(Photo via Pinterest)

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