The Gifts of Darkness

“I don't understand why people care so much about showing that they are good; because I am rather comfortable with having badness, quite okay with being inexplicable. They tire themselves so. The light is beautiful; but light can't hide treasures like the darkness can.”

~ C. JoyBell C.

The above words are something I wrote last year, and today, I would like to further discuss it. What exactly, are treasures from the dark side? Well, it can be a great number of things; like finding inner strength within yourself beyond your imagination upon falling into the darkest hours of your life! That's the easiest thing that comes to mind. Another thing would be to grow leaps and bounds as a person upon embracing the reality that not all things are peachy and meaningful. It feels good to believe that all things are peachy and meaningful, and in a way, they truly are! For example, all the mistakes, errors, losses, and wrong roads taken, in one's life, could very well be the reason why you have found the most beautiful person in your life! Or perhaps not a "reason" but more like the avenues by which you are made to look into the direction of that person, in the first place. And I am not even talking about glorifying hardships, here! I've also said in the past, that if you set hardships on a throne in your life, and believe that it will be the source and wellspring of all good things, then it's repeatedly going to happen to you, just because it is the thing you have glorified and see as a wellspring! So this is not at all about glorifying hardships. In fact, it is quite the opposite! 

More specifically why I am making this post today, is to say, that sometimes we show people just how bitter their circumstances are, not to destroy them or to make them feel unaccepted, but rather to show them exactly how big the wound is! How deep the gash is! It is a different kind of a gift! And I think that it is a gift from darkness. Yes, it is wonderful to comfort, be kind, to say that everything is going to be okay and to tell someone that there is a rainbow after the rain, that there is hope at the end of the rainbow, that there is always a silver lining! That is one kind of a gift. But the other kind is to say to the person "Look! Look at your wound! It is deep, it is large, it is festering, it is infected, and it's not going to get any better, until you see that! Until you realize that! So that he can bind it up, he can medicate himself, he can remove the infection and watch the wound heal! Because large wounds aren't cured by band-aides. Gashes in the flesh aren't cured by saying that everything is tinted in a rose-colored hue. The only way a person can be treated of an infection, is if he first knows that it's there, sees it for what it really is! And this is the braver gift to give, really! It is the gift of a brave love! Because with this kind of gift, you are not making yourself look any good! You are not making yourself look kind and wonderful and sweet and caring! It is the gift that doesn't make the giver look good. It is a selfless gift, intended only for the benefit of the receiver. Of course it would be wonderful if the receiver recognizes this and acknowledges this, but the giver always knowingly runs the risk of that not happening. But what does happen, more likely, is a true healing, a true freedom, in the end! 

They say that the worst disease on the planet is leprosy. What is leprosy? And why do people's body parts begin to decay and simply fall off of the rest of the body? Leprosy is in fact, simply the loss of the sense of pain! When a person is unable to feel pain, he won't be able to know what's going on with his body parts, hence, he won't be able to react accordingly, and in the end, the disease of leprosy eats the person alive, decays the person's flesh while he is still breathing, and why? All because he ceased to feel pain! All because he was numbed by a disease that took away his ability to look into the direction of something that hurt on his body and to see it there! Because just as detrimental as not being able to see any good in things; is not being able to see any bad in things! Some people like to see only the best in others; I like to see only the truth in others. 

Sometimes, you have to make people feel what they need to feel, not allowing them to sugar-coat their mistakes and their bruises. You can't let them get leprosy. I'm bad with the purpose of producing that which is selfless and good! I'm like Catwoman.

Copyright © 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved. 

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