Don't Break Your Heart

The following is something I wrote quite a long time ago. So, this isn't a very new poem, but as I was editing my upcoming book, All Things Lit Like Fireflies, this one just jumped off the page and tore at my heart. I think that it's fitting to share at the moment, since it kind of echoes the latest "theme" I've talked about on my Facebook Page (regarding trust, phantoms and doubts.) It isn't the reflection of my recent train of thought on my FB Page, nevertheless, it does echo that same whisper. I hope you enjoy it, try not to cry!

Dont Break Your Heart

Let the sparks fade
Let the flame dim and die
Allow the once-bitten apple to fall
From your hand

Let the firecracker fizzle
Let the colours disappear
Allow the dream
To slip through your fingers

It was once
Colourful and bright
It was once
Lofty and palatial

For such a long time
It was what you held onto
Whispered in your dreams at night
You fought for it

But it’s not yours
It never was
The dream you couldn’t touch
You couldn’t hear, you couldn’t taste

You painted it in the
Colouring book of your mind
You decorated it with the
Holly of your wishes

But what if it never
Even was a dream?
What if it was
A nightmare?

You don’t know the poison
You haven’t tasted
You don’t know the thorn
Which hasn’t pricked you

So let go
Watch them go away
Let them fly away
On fragile wings

So let go
Bleed some tears
But then stop
Don’t break your heart

Don’t break your heart

Copyright © 2013 "All Things Lit Like Fireflies" C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. you put my thoughts to words if i see your reflection in the water with those fish i would jump in for sure .just sitting next to someone and feeling them and myself become broken and whole at the sametime the uncertain certainty pounding hearts the lone wolf that wants to give love but not sure how to accept love

  2. the dragon fly helped take me from my addictions back to loving nature

  3. I know that you are not writing with me in mind. I quess I just recognized some of the things you wrote about, in me .I like your style of writing .Im no writer but I do feel things and you have a way of capturing these primal yet civilized feelings long enough to put them to words. I meant nothing more than gratitude . thank you and sorry


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