Hello Wonderfuls!

Hello Wonderfuls!

How are all of you today?

I'd like to announce that I am, at the moment, looking for a cover photo for my next book, which is a pseudo-sequel to my previous and most recent book of poetry All Things Dance Like Dragonflies. The upcoming book is called All Things Lit Like Fireflies, and, like the other one, will be illustrated by me. This book is a little more special though, because I will be superimposing my signature somewhere in the manuscript, so that means that all copies of the book will come "signed" by me! It's an idea I got from a very persistent wonderful on my Facebook Page (who really, really wants to have his copies of my books autographed!) I know it's not the same thing as having the book autographed in person, but, it does come close! So, All Things Lit Like Fireflies will have that little extra personal touch.

At this point, the manuscript is finalized, the interior design of it almost completed, and I am on the hunt for a photo to use on the book's front cover. As always, I invite all eager photographers to send in a photo which would resonate the title of the book. Preferably, a picture of a jar of fireflies captured glowing in the night, or so on and so forth. Fireflies landing upon everything and flying around, are other examples. It's a good form of exposure for yourself and good to put as work experience on your LinkedIn account! ;-) As usual, you would receive full credit in the book and also online. Usually, it doesn't work when I announce that I'm looking for a book cover and I always end up finding one by searching myself, however, I hope that some of you who have already been following me for a long time, would be interested. If not, then I will simply go on my own search for the perfect photo and hopefully find it.

In other news, I am also looking for a good copyeditor for my 67, 454- word novel. If you have all the credentials and experience, please email me with your quote for this length of manuscript.

A viaxe continĂșa!

— C. Bells


  1. I wish we had fireflies where or near where I live, if we did I would do this in a heartbeat!!!

  2. My five year old granddaughter caught a firefly in our yard in Georgia and put it in a jar. She took the firefly home to Indiana. Our son told us when it died they buried it in the front yard. I asked "Were there words?" And he said, "Oh, yes. There were words."


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