It's Today! It's Today! It's Today!

Today is my birthday+ release of All Things Lit Like Fireflies+ Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)+ a day of really good gematria (13+13)+ it's a sunny, windy morning in general, which has been making me smile a lot under the sunbeams, thus far. :-) So what are you waiting for? Grab your own copy of my latest book! As a token of my appreciation (and because it's my birthday) here's a 50% discount code that you and your family and friends can use for the day of September 13: P5TN9Q6Z  ;  This special discount code can be used at this store.

I hope you all like my birthday present for all of you, on my birthday! Hahahha! And more importantly, I hope that you all love the writings within these pages! A viaxe continĂșa!

Last but not least, a slice of birthday cake for everyone: 

And some other yummy stuff too:

C. Bells

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  1. Happy Birthday - belated. The cake looks scrumptious. I hope your Birthday was the best yet.


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