September 13, 2013

Hello wonderfuls! Today I would like to announce the launch date of my next book All Things Lit Like Fireflies! The new book of poetry will be published on September 13, 2013. As many of you may have already noticed, I take to gematria a lot and not only does this date harbor the number thirteen twice (the number that stands for "Love" and "One" which means that two thirteens represent "One Love"); but this is also a special date because it is my birthday! And now I am smiling really big! Yep! My birthday's coming up and you're all invited! Publishing my book on my birthday this year is really my birthday present to myself and it's also my birthday present to all of you (does that even make any sense?) And right now I have just realized that my name means "love" and I was born on a date that also translates to "love" in gematria! Woop! I rock!

So anyway, here let me share one of my most favorite poems from this book (I wanted to keep it hidden inside the pages until you find it in there for yourselves, but, what the heck why not give you a taste of my book right now) and I also want to give you the first peak at the beautiful cover! This gorgeous cover was made possible by the help of Corinne Knapp Rogers, owner of Hampton Photography, New York. I hope that you enjoy the poem and feel as excited about this upcoming release, as I am! Because I'm pretty excited! Ciao, wonderfuls! And have a joyous day!

My Naked Mountaintop

I saw a picture of a
Rainbow that cast itself
Over the nude mountaintops
And flung it’s colours over their
Cliffs and crevices, their many surfaces

So it was like watching
The archangels kiss the earth
And release unto man
Their many unearthly attributes

It made me want to be a rainbow
You would be my naked mountaintop
On top of you, I would open myself

And watch the reflection of me
Spread over the surface of your own skin

It would be a beautiful thing
I would give you goosebumps
And fill your every pore

Copyright © 2013 C. JoyBell C. All Things Lit Like Fireflies. All rights reserved. 

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