My newest book, All Things Lit Like Fireflies, has barely come out and I already have new poetry to share with you— it is from the next book of poetry that I am already working on. Please enjoy your read...


I wish that I could
Reach into your chest
With my own fingers
And wrap my hand
Around your heart
Feel it beating
Against my palm
That way
I would feel you
All the way down to
The beating of your heart
Against my own hand
My fingers would move
Up and down
While it beats
And I would look into your eyes
To see how you look at me
When your own heart
Knows the warmth of my hand
For the first time

But I would have to be
A vampire
To do that!
And you would have to be one
Or you could be a werewolf
And I would love you
All the way down
To your beating heart
And that look in your eyes

So I guess
I will just have to become
A vampire
And you will have
To become

Copyright 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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