A Little White Book!

I planned for Vade Mecum to be a surprise for all of you. It has ended up being a surprise for all of us (including me!) It's the first book that I have published spontaneously (without planning a publication date.) Today I walked around under the sunset and when the moon came out I took my shoes off and stood under it, walked around under the moonlight. I was inspired to even write a short piece about it which I will share below. So Vade Mecum has surprised me, and you, and possibly the universe. :D This little white book is a wacky-wild-unplanned-dirty-feet-moonlit-smile kinda book! It makes me want to howl at the moon! And possibly turn into a werewolf! :D

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UPDATE: Discount reduced to 10% as of October 30
UPDATE: Discount reduced to 5% as of November 6

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And here is the piece I was inspired to write (inspired by the moon and all of the moonish, grassy, dirty things growing from the earth that make dirty feet):

"I suggest that people walk around under the moon barefoot, as I have today. There's that voice of your mom and dad and aunt and big sister and uncle and annoying cousin in your ear saying "Your feet are going to get dirty and you're going to turn into a bat" so the defiance in the act of simply taking your shoes off and standing there under that moon— is astronomical. A dirty-feet-moonlit-defiance that will make you smile."

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