Humans Hurt

Humans Hurt

I’m afraid of them
She said to me
So I asked why
Because they hurt and burn and sting
They carry pitchforks
And thorns
If they see my eyes
And the softness of my skin
They will burn me
Cut me
And so I cover myself
With this cloak
She said to me
And I asked for how long now
Since I first found out
What they are like
Here, look at my scars!
They did this to me!
Now I hide under this emerald-colored hood
In these woods
Watch out
Humans hurt
She said to me
Then she also told me
That if only they hadn’t
Harmed her
And left her with many scars
She would be just as she first was
So much more beautiful than now
And my heart cried to hear
These things that she said to me
First because of the tragedy
Second because it was true
And third because she couldn’t see
That she was still beautiful
That she didn’t need to hide

Copyright © 2013 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. That reminds me so much of a conversation I've ben having with a friend for some months now. I shared it with her and will hope it helps her see how beautiful SHE still is.

  2. I am totally in love with your writing...


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