C'est La Vie

Well, it was an eventful day at C. JoyBell C. — Writer Page. 

As those who have been with me for a very long time already know, I am never around to stroke people's fur. I share what I share, I believe in what I share, I share wholeheartedly, and I will always put the sense of everyone on my page first and foremost, which means that if my core ideology and philosophy is challenged, I will defend my philosophies, because they are my philosophies. Many people on my page trust the things that I write, therefore even if it becomes very taxing on me, I must put myself as second and the other people as first, and take the time to really dig up the roots of my philosophy for the benefit of everyone else. Unfortunately, it is too easy for people to feel entitled to let me know when they don't like what I have written. Now, it is one thing to say "I don't agree" (in which case I would not care at all) but it is another thing entirely, to provoke more from me, and then to not even listen to the "more" that I am sharing. Furthermore, I have never, ever written anything for the purpose of argumentation and debate. I simply don't have time for it. I don't know if people think I am sitting in front of my computer the whole day? Those who have been with me for a long time will already know that when I get mad, then I get mad. There is no use pretending that I never get mad. I will push my grace to it's limits and then I will go badass all over you. People already know that, and in fact, that's what most appreciate about me. I don't write to prove that I am something of a Saint. Where does it say "C. JoyBell C. Writer— the Saint" — nowhere, right? :-) I am only talking about common etiquette. Simply think about etiquette and not pushing someone into going badass all over you. I took so much time and effort revealing the roots of the small piece I had written, and was simply laughed at for giving that effort. I was laughed at "for caring" about my own philosophy. And why should I not care about my own philosophy? It is in fact what I do. Care about my philosophies.

The philosophy was this: That we are not born entitled to love, care, kindness, mercy. Many people in the world don't have it, so if you do have it, any amount of it— you must recognize this as not a privilege; but as an incredible miracle. Now, people misunderstood that. Because people want to be let alone to think that they are entitled to every good thing. Or perhaps they don't know what "entitlement" means. In order to clear that out, here are the definitions of the word:

Entitlement— Wiki
Entitlement— Out of the Fog

As you will see, the feeling of entitlement is associated with personality disorders. Now, let's look at the meaning of worth:

Worth— The Free Dictionary
Worth— Merriam Webster

As you can see, worth is not a product of a personality disorder. I did not say that people are not worthy. I said that people are not entitled. That's why it is always better to know something before the opening of the mouth happens. I do not expect everyone to agree with the things I have to share, nor for everyone to accept the things I want to share, but I at least expect etiquette and respect. I do not have all the time of day to consume on explaining things to people.

Where does this sense of self-entitlement come from? Does it come from people who have inherited this sense from the state of their governments? From their lifestyles? You see, we live in a day and age where our whole lives are driven by commercialism and the market. You walk into a mall and you expect the best possible service. But that's understandable. They are running a business, and you expect the service that you're willing to pay for. But I believe some can get stuck in this mindset and apply this mindset to every area of their lives. (i.e. The whole world is a restaurant. Anyone who is sharing or teaching anything— is there as a waiter/waitress to serve you hand and foot. Anything out there is for your full benefit and so if something rubs you in the wrong way, your first reaction is to express your disdain for it. Everyone is the king or queen of the world.) Now... this is a really big problem. Especially when it comes to the setting with people like me. I share philosophy. Naturally, if you are going to challenge my philosophy, I will be there to stand by it. Now, unfortunately, I don't have the time of day nor the energy to just do that the whole day. So if you want to challenge my philosophies? At least know the definitions of words first, or else you're just wasting my time. The whole world is not a big company designed to please any one person, the whole world is not a restaurant or a mall designed to serve any one person hand and foot. Especially my kind of occupation? I'm here by my own free will. I don't need to write anything, for anyone. And yet, I know that I am not entitled to be appreciated, I am not entitled to be believed, and I am not entitled to be praised. Therefore, I am exceedingly grateful for everyone who expresses these things to me. But also, nobody is entitled to sit there at my banqueting table and complain if they don't like the food on their plate. If you don't like the food on your plate? Politely wait for dessert. C'est la vie.

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