The Power of Words

Today I want to talk about the power of words. Obviously, I know what I’m talking about, so please glean as much as you can from what I’m about to discuss.

I believe that words create worlds. With a little more imagination, you may call them “mini-universes.” How would I be able to classify these? It’s any area of existence where life is taking place. I am convinced that when you have conversations of the deeper nature, when you make plans of the more intimate nature, when you write things to move in people’s blood, when you say things with the intention to speak to someone’s heart— you create an area of existence that begins to breathe it’s own life. You breathe life into something. It is for this very reason that you should not say things half-heartedly, that you should not utter or give intention to things if you do not possess the dedication, endurance, commitment, determination to put your blood and your soul where those intentions have gone to!

What happens when you do build a world half-heartedly and then later just say “Oh I was kidding”? This is the scary part. When you do that, you collapse a world and make it fall into itself. I believe that the laws of the outer universe are only repeated and repeated and repeated until they reach the deepest recesses of our souls and I’m saying that to illustrate, that when you abandon a world you’ve created with your words and your intentions, you have left a black hole in it’s place. You have created a blackness of density that is denser than light itself and what does that mean? That means that you leave a crater in your life, open to be filled with darkness and negativity! You who have done this, will in no way receive the last laugh.

Through our lives, we have all created black holes up until the point when we learn this knowledge, we realize this knowledge, we take this wisdom to heart and we begin to act upon it! Know that the worlds you create— you are responsible for! And walking away from those areas you have infused with life is not going to be the end of those stories! It’s never the end of those stories. You will eat of that darkness for as long as those black holes are there.

In layman’s terms, we would say: “Don’t say shit if you don’t mean it.”

What if you are the one left with a living world created alongside someone else who has walked away from it? Then what happens? Unfortunately, you receive of that negativity, as well. It creates pain, darkness, and a pain and a darkness denser than light. A black hole. But darkness can be transmuted into light and energy cannot be destroyed but it can in fact be transformed! If you can take a black hole given to you and you’re powerful enough to transform it into a thriving light? Then you are left with so much more than what you were about to have when the world was created! How do you transform darkness into light? (Hey, this is some heavy stuff, I should save this for a book!) What you do is you identify the areas of grief and blackness and then you see that those areas are meant to be transformed into a new and more powerful form of life than originally intended. That’s the first step. The next part is actually doing it. An extremely difficult process. Not meant to be understood by the masses. But it can be simplified by this prescription: You transform darkness into light by doing the exact opposite of what was done to you, by creating your own new worlds with all dedication, determination, endurance, commitment to these! You say what you mean and you mean what you say. It is extremely difficult to do this, because during this process you will battle with an extraordinarily huge amount of fear and doubt, given that you were the “benefactor” of other people’s failures and errors, thus you have been left with these areas of pain and darkness. It’s not a process for the weak; but it is attainable and can be done. So you must, with the best of your intention, put your blood and your soul into the words that you utter, from that moment on! You must yourself become the total opposite of what you have been left with and in doing this successfully, you will have gained the power to transform those areas of dense nothingness into areas of thriving light.

This process of transforming dark energy into light energy is something that can be applied not only in the area of broken words and shattered intentions and plans; but this creative process may be applied wherever and whenever darkness has been introduced into our lives. For example, darkness received from parents, relatives, and other people whom you might have no capabilities to get away from at times when you would have been better off far away from them. In other words, when you were subjected to harsh circumstances with people you couldn't possibly have gotten away from by choice, that creates darkness in your world and it's this type of black hole which I'm referring to, that I believe can also be transformed into positivity and light by following the very same prescription I've entailed above. Do the very exact opposite of what what done to you, give the very exact opposite of what was given to you. Don't give that darkness away; transform it into light and give that light away. Create the process of transformation, through consciously thinking about applying the opposite of what was applied to you. Again, extremely difficult, but truly attainable! Now, you might be wondering why I also call this a "black hole" when I'm actually referring to things that are not of the "word-ly" nature. That is because, our relationships with the people closest to our lives (parents, relatives) have inborn hope and trust infused into them. When there is trust and hope— there is a created world from those exact raw materials. Worlds you didn't choose to be born into/ to enter into, yet you are subjected to nonetheless. Moreover, if it is your desire to collapse this form of world and have nothing to do with those connections any longer, the way to do that is by completely transforming that dark energy. Same prescription always. And collapse those unchosen worlds by refusing to be a conduit of that same flow of energy. Cut yourself off by not allowing yourself to transmit it.

There is a reason why my writings are different. There is a reason why my words are different. Because I come from this area of knowledge and I know that everything I say, everything I pen, is penned with blood and soul. I create living, thriving worlds. And I am dedicated to everything that I say, everything that I write. In my personal life, the only time I will walk away from a created world, is if I have been pushed and pushed and pushed innumerable times and the nature of the creation has already become altered by evil intentions coming from the other party, hence, leaving me in a dangerous place to be in. Only then will I walk.

Why am I writing this now? Why am I giving this knowledge away freely? Aren’t I stupid to do so? Well, setting aside the fact that I probably am being stupid, I do think that in writing this, I am doing my own transformations from darkness into light, so in the end, I’m not really being stupid (YEY! Just realized this on-the-spot!) You see, when knowledge like this is disseminated to the masses, you are giving a huge amount of power to the generation of your children, the next generation. And we all love our children. (Well. I KNOW I love my son!) What better way to love our children than by changing the world for them? All the worlds. For them.

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