A Little Pink Book for Valentine's Day!

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This little pink book is a sweet treasure for you this Valentine’s Day! Introducing the limited edition Vade Mecum for the Feast of Saint Valentine, 2014. Within this small and very pink fieldguide- for- life, you will find C. JoyBell C.’s world-renowned aphorisms, more commonly referred to as “C. JoyBell C. quotes.” An indispensable source of beauty, truth, wisdom (and love); this book is styled to be savored and cherished for life, to be handed down through generations, to become your very own vade mecum. Valentine’s Day is for lovers of every kind, but more than that, it is for those who love themselves, buy themselves chocolates whenever they want and laugh too much all throughout the year! You are wished a very happy and memorable Day of Love (and Chocolates!)

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