Eat Cake and Laugh

You can find this in my upcoming book, Wolves of the Sapphire Sun! Coming soon! I hope that you will love it!

Eat Cake and Laugh

You are too serious
You need to take your shoes off
More often
You need to laugh louder
And more than you laugh now
You need to eat weird things
And then laugh at the fact
That you eat weird things
Maybe one day
You should take off all your clothes
And jump into a lake
Maybe one day
You should walk around
In a patch of clovers
And watch the bats fly around overhead
While you try to take away the moon
Maybe one day you should
Turn into a wolf and say
“Oh how wonderful it is
To be so free like this”
And then you will eat cake
Lots and lots
Of cake
Drink some Vodka

Copyright © 2014 Wolves of the Sapphire Sun C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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