Matchmaking and the Splitting of the Red Sea

Hello wonderfuls :-)

I recently shared a link on my Facebook Page, which I thought I would also share here on my blog, to make it easier for all of you to come back and read it again whenever you wish to. It's called Matchmaking and the Splitting of the Red Sea. I found it to be utterly fascinating and I believe it to be true.

Furthermore, to aide you on your path of finding your Soul Mate, feel free to make use of this: 

You're welcome! :-)

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  1. My soul sees it's reflections in so many of your shared artistry. Perhaps many are unaware that some of us do not push aways good souls, one after another, for any other reason then they are not the one. It is often seen by many that something is not right with one as myself, rather than the simple knowing that they are not the one who seems to always push away another, but I shall wait for the one and embrace him and when he arrives and never be separated.... But be one again....


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