The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Wolves of the Sapphire Sun. I hope you will love it!


Just the way that people’s flesh
Covers their bones
And creates a form
That’s covered in that skin
Some freckled
Others dimpled
There are little hairs in all places
All of this together
Along with their sweat
The scent of pheromone
The specks of golden hew
In the eyes
Create etches
Against this stuff
We call the air around us
And sometimes they sigh
They close their eyes
Dust lands on their eyelashes
Or a snowflake when it’s wintertime
And those eyes can contain
Fear or love
Sometimes fear and love at the same time
The way breath sounds on your ear
Is warm and hollow
But full at the same time
Full and held within itself
Within lungs and then upon lips
And nostrils
In and out
They breathe
In and out
And so these sketches move
And they feel and they seek
They are lost
And then found
They grow up and then down
All of these people

Copyright © 2014 Wolves of the Sapphire Sun C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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