Here's To The Wild Ones!

I haven't had a wink of sleep the whole night. Aside from the technological quirks that always seem to PMS at this exact point in the process of book-making (it's always a different, new issue for each book I publish), I have been pondering the photos from the Wolves of the Sapphire Sun photoshoot. 

Choosing a Muse for my book-my story-my poetry, is a huge deal for me. It's not something I take lightly and I've been blessed good enough to have been presented with three beautiful girls to choose from!

Fact about this book— when I wrote it, I had "the differents" in mind. People who are labelled as clairvoyants, empaths, telepaths, telempaths, clairempaths, claircognizants, witches, wizards, indigo children and etc. Whatever names they've come up with to try and "understand" you— I had the YOU in mind when I wrote this book! I want this book to be a source of comfort and revelation for those of otherworldly origins/ who have otherworldly abilities and life stories to tell. It therefore follows that what I'm looking for in a Muse is someone who can embody that exact aura. I want to feel that aura when I look at her and when I look at my book cover. Of course, I could just be my own Muse for this book; but then there's just no fun in that! Hahha! So what I'm saying is, there's so much more that's going into this process than just choosing a beautiful face. I am, in fact, choosing an aura!

I hadn't seen Yukon (our wolf) prior to the photoshoot. But I had already envisioned him in my mind. Needless to say, the moment I did lay my eyes on him— he matched my visions precisely! Yukon is Ezekiel. He IS our wolf incarnate.

I think I've almost got this, and I should be able to introduce my choice of Muse to you, later today. As for my manuscript... don't worry, I'm killing the bugs and this should be good later in the day, as well.

I hope all of you are happy to join me on my journey of introducing to the world, a work which is entirely and extraordinarily dear to me.

Here's to the wild ones!

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