Reflections on Culture and Spirituality

The more ancient cultures of the East are always capable of unearthing deep spiritualities. Mainstream media is always talking about "an awakening" and how people are dramatically wakening to their spiritual senses, these days, but what the mainstream is referring to, is the Western, mostly English-speaking cultures. The East has been "awake" since about five thousand years ago.

It's easy to make in instant and genuine, deep connection with people from the Middle East and India. At least, it is very easy for me. Some of the most instant and most "connected" conversations I have had, have been with people from the Middle East, India, but also the continent of Africa. These people recognize a spark of any kind and are always willing to go the extra mile in order to nurture that spark. Thankfully, I am always "a spark" in the eyes of such people and have been fortunate enough to have friendships that have gone "the extra mile" for me/ with me!

I could say similar about South American cultures; except there is a difference in that South American cultures foster a more laid-back "come what may" attitude, so a friend today could be gone tomorrow; unlike the cultures I have mentioned and given example of, above. In a number of non-English-speaking European cultures, similar can also be said. It seems like the English-speaking cultures have been, for centuries, cultivating a shallow spirituality. I wonder if it has anything to do with the language which is equally shallow?

I will always be told by an Indian that I am "ethereal and sensual" or by an African that I am "the light" or by an Italian that I am "sympatico" or by a Frenchman that I am "sympathique" or by a Greek that I am "Greek." :-) While people from the Middle East will say, like what the Indians say, that I am "ethereal." What I notice about these descriptions that they have of me, is that they all have a connection to the spirit. There is  a slice of the spiritual essence that is always seen. Even sensual is spiritual. When you see someone and call them sensual within the few first minutes of meeting them, only because of the aura they are giving off— that is a look into the aura— it's not something that's easily come by.

I wonder why it is the most spiritual of people who have received the greatest amount of persecution on Earth...

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