I was watching
A timelapse video of the sky
Above a flowing river
The colors changed
Like crazy
The grass blew
In the winds
Of night and day
The sun set
And rose
Over and over again
Like crazy
The river swam
Over the rocks
And around them
Small waves
Like mermaids
The colors and the winds
So crazy, so timelapse
I closed my eyes
Because I’m a timelapse too
Just like that video
Sensations run
Over my skin, my spirit
I’m breathless
You could find an
Ocean within me
And a battalion on a field
You’ll find every sky
That exists
Running, catching up
Flowers stumbling over
Winds from everywhere
It’s all inside me
I closed my eyes to feel it
Everything moving
Always moving
I think I can feel
My own blood in my veins
It’s moving
Look into my eyes
You’ll see the sun rise
And set
A hundred times in a minute

Copyright © 2014 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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