The Manipulator

         The manipulative person is the ultimate coward. When you want something, it takes things like perseverance, will-power, bravery, sincerity, truth and honor to make that thing happen, to make that thing materialize into a reality. Manipulation is the tool of the coward because through it he constructs ways to get what he wants without the use of any of the things that he is not brave enough to produce from within himself. And why do those materials like perseverance, will-power and etc. require courage to bring forth? Well they are not easy to come by, in the first place. Moreover, you have to truly face the possibility of failure when striving to achieve these things in oder to reach what you want. Facing the possibility of failure is the ultimate act of courage. The manipulator cannot face that possibility and that is why he takes all of his ulterior routes to get the things that he wants! Routes that do not require anything magnanimous of himself. He knows not courage, he knows not inner strength, he has no honor, he cannot even see his own reflection when he looks into the mirror. He sees a reflection of all the things he has patched together, like a collage of cut-outs from magazines stuck onto a cardboard on the wall— it is not himself, but it is what he wants to think of himself as. This is yet another form of cowardice! The inability to look at oneself in the mirror for who he or she truly is. Why this fear? Because to look at one's true reflection would be to see all the things that one doesn't want to see— to see the truth. Only the courageous can face their own demons and look them in the eyes, subdue them by knowing them and command them by name.
         The manipulator never really gets anything he really wants. And why? Because everything that he does get is not what he really wants. He does not know what he really wants, because he does not even know himself. And so there are things raked in through manipulations— all of these things fall down into a dark hole, a pit, that cannot ever be filled. Not until the curtains of cowardice are pulled back.


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