I think that religion is fine and I don't think that it needs to be outlawed or banished. I also think that it is okay to raise children on a religiously principled path. However, I do believe that children should be allowed and even encouraged to question the history of their religious principles and to dig into the history archives to find out how exactly these religions came into being, so on and so forth. Do not discourage the further inquiry into the integrity of any religion. Is anyone afraid, that maybe to question the history of a religious belief means to spite God and to be outcast? Or means to hurt God's heart and to be dismissed by God? If so, my friend, you are living on the premise of man-made fear. It is not even God who has placed that bondage in your heart— it is the human founders, clergy and laymen of your religions who have done this, for purposes of financial gain and psychological influence.
       As for me, I believe that God has no religion, that all religions were created by man for financial gain and power, I believe that what rawly exists is truth that has been spread out and handed out through the many, many ages, through different windows/ different ways of being, in order to reach people of different mindsets, cultures and tongues. Then the people, somewhere along the way, decided that each of their truths needed to be the only truth, the only one way, thus creating hate and intolerance. I believe that the truth is, that there are many paths to one truth, spoken in different languages, by different peoples, and I believe that truth has never called for intolerance and hatred of any other belief or group of people. If there is a belief that calls for intolerance of other people— that belief is not of God. If there is any belief that calls for one to judge one's fellowman— that belief is not of God. The only truth for mankind, must be the truth that all are free and all are different. We are not the same and we do not need to be the same. The only evil is the lack of empathy for another human being, the lack of mercy and kindness. The absence of those things is the mark of evil. If any of your religious beliefs lead you into a mindset that lacks empathy, mercy and kindness— these religious beliefs are not truth.
       Many of the religious belief systems of today were heavily influenced along the way, throughout the ages, by man and woman. And even your religions in their "purity", if you examine their history, you will find, that they are all a blend of one another. And there are very ancient systems of spirituality, existing long before the major religions of today, that when examined, will render up the fact that the major religions of today are simply reinventions of those earlier spiritualities, recreated and remodelled in order to appease a certain so and so in power, in order to speak to a popular mainstream mindset of the day, and so on and so forth. Seriously. You need to study history, you need to know, you need to be informed! And does any of this disprove the existence of the spirit, of truth, of myth, of God? No. Spirit and truth and myth and God— these are not disproved by the falling apart of the pedestals of religion! For these things have simply been reinvented throughout the ages, some more heavily influenced by humans than others. And these things have not called unto religion! Religion has drawn from these things to create systems in order to appease, control and gain from— fellow man.
        Just look at the English names for the days of the week, for example! The days of the week are named after Heathen Gods! Thursday comes from Thorr! Sunday from the Goddess Sunna! Wednesday is from "Woden's Day" (Odinn's Day) meaning the God Odinn! And so on and so forth. Oh and I could delve into this even further, to show how actually all the names of days and months, in many languages, are after Pagan Gods! Even the planets, stars and constellations are named after these! And so many people are living every day, convinced of the "purity" of their religions and spiritual beliefs, while marking their calendars every week, unaware that they are paying their odes to Heathen gods while doing so! And what is wrong with having these Heathen Gods in our calendars and in our stars and planets and months and in our children's fables and everywhere all around us, even in the original forms of our religions? Nothing! Nothing is "wrong" with that, because that is just the facts of life!
      Why are people so afraid to be free? Why are people so afraid to question and to know? Question, search, study, know, be free.

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