Have you ever wondered why
You fill your head with noise?
Why you run away
From that quiet room in your mind?
And have you ever wondered
That maybe you fill yourself with noise
To drain out the silence of
Your loneliness?
Because maybe that’s it
When all is quiet and still
You can hear your loneliness
It sounds like echoes
Echoes that go on and on
Bouncing off of walls
Because only the walls are there
To listen
But when your mind is filled with
All the noises that you so expertly
Feed it with,
You can’t hear the echoes
You forget the walls
There is no loneliness
Is there?
It’s gone
Isn’t it?

But I love you
And I don’t want you to be this way
I want you to stay for a while
In that place
Where there are only walls
And echoes
Because I will give you seeds
Of sunflowers
And you will plant them
And they will grow and call to the Sun
And the Sun will rub on the ceiling
Then the ceiling will turn to dust
And I will give you seeds
Of climbing New Dawn Roses
And they will grow into the cracks
Of the walls around you
And they will push those cracks apart
The walls will first squeak and splinter
Then they will become crooked
Then they will shake and fall down
There you will stand
In the middle of sunflowers
And roses
No more echoes
No more walls
But you have to stay for a while
In that silence
Long enough to plant seeds and
Wait for them to grow
They will grow
The walls will fall down
But don’t run away from the quiet
Don’t fill your mind with noise
Listen to the sound of the seeds
As I scatter them onto the ground
It will sound like your heartbeat
Follow it on the way inside

Copyright © 2015 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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