I Challenge You To See The Truth

       I am afraid of those who are too simple on the outside; for their vanities they wear upon their hearts. Better to meet a person who wears their vanities out in the open where you can see them! Than one who hides them in their hearts! For it is the stuff of the heart that is hidden; while the stuff on the outside is not. And we are all vain; the difference is where we put it! I would rather meet a person vain on the outside; while possessing the simplest of hearts.
       Who was Christ on this Earth, but a man who dined with harlots and thieves? Who was Christ on this Earth, but a man who allowed a prostitute to bathe his feet in perfumes? Who was Christ on this Earth, but He who said, "It is the stuff coming out of a man that defiles him; not the stuff going into him that ruins his heart."
       And yet what has the vain hearted man turned this Christ into? He has turned this same Christ into a symbol of all hypocrisy and perfectionism! The vain hearted man has turned this same Christ into a symbol of all that cannot be attained! A symbol of struggle against hell! He who swallowed hell whole; has been turned into a symbol of war against sin. There is no war against sin; all sin was made void, because it is not what is on the outside that is seen by God; but it is what is on the inside that God sees! And even this simple principle, has been catapulted into that which it does not even mean! Because they say what is on the outside does not matter; they then take their vanities and hide them, in an attempt to look like they do not even care! Where are their vanities hidden now? Their vanities are inside their hearts! Who did Christ sit and dine with? With those dressed in white robes; or with those whores dripping in gold earrings and pearls? Who did Christ sit with? With the Priests clad in white robes; or did he sit with the tax collectors? Christ sat with all manner of those who wore their vanities upon their own skin; but undoubtedly, had childlike hearts.
       I cannot be fooled by those who speak of Christ but did not know Him. Who does not know Christ? Is it the holy Priest or is it the harlot who sat with him for his meals? Who does not know Christ? Is it the untainted Priest, the Pharisee; or is it the thief who hung beside him at the cross? You all claim to know Christ, and to know what he is all about! And yet He would not sit with you if He were here, for your vanities, I tell you, your vanities you hide in your hearts!


  1. I needed to read this right now - thank you for being the bow that releases these arrows of truth for us all.

    1. It's not easy to be a bow; bows are stretched; but I am here, nonetheless. I wholeheartedly thank you for reading the things that I write.


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