Some Unprecedented Advice!

       Today, I received a very interesting question! It was about fashion/style! Some wonderful woman asked me what's the best fashion/style advice I can give. So anyway, I thought I'd share my answer with everyone! :) The best fashion advice I can give, is to remember to make the clothing that you wear into an extension of yourself; rather than just something that you put on. We are always growing and changing, our clothing is like a second skin that always needs to grow, change and evolve. And by that, I don't mean go out and buy every fashion trend! But by that, I just mean always see your wardrobe as an evolving part of your life; meaning, something that you wear for a day out about town today, could be something you can turn into a pajama set in a few years. You can demote your outfits as you grow into a more evolved person, so that you are always growing and expressing that growth through the clothing that you choose to wear, meanwhile, you get to "recycle" your wardrobe by using things of yesterday, in different ways today.
       I was also asked about my own personal style, so that's something I'd like to talk about a little bit, too. I like to have "uniforms" when it comes to the different purposes of my clothing. So for example, I need to have a certain style for running errands and a certain style for just lounging at home. Those two can sometimes interchange; but can never be interchanged with something I would wear for a day out at the mall or with friends. I like to really have that distinction regarding functions. I need to know how my clothes are going to work for me. Furthermore, I like to own pieces of clothing that are more reliable and trustworthy than just trendy and attractive. Of course, I won't buy something that's not attractive; but then, I will really hold myself back from buying something just because it's cute, if I know that I'll end up wearing it once because I'll get sick of it. I really get sick of "loudness" easily; so if it's something that calls a lot of attention thanks to a loud colour or a busy print— that's something I'm going to get sick of easily. And I know this about myself, so I really have to hold back on buying that bright coral t-shirt even if right in the moment I really feel like I like the colour coral! Because in a week, I'm not going to like it anymore.
       So, what's important to me is reliability and trustworthiness in a piece of clothing, plus the cut that has been used to put it together. I'm a big "cut nut", which is a term I like to use to describe how much I look into the cut and stitching of any item of clothing, to see how it will fall around my body. I think the cut of an item is the most important thing! If it falls beautifully around my arms, around my neck, around my waist and etc., then that's a clothing I know that I should buy. Even if it's just the way that the sleeves are rolled up— that can really influence the way you look and how you feel in it!
       I have a lot of blacks, navy blues, whites and pinks! To me, pink is like beige— pink is a neutral colour. So in other words, I have a lot of neutral colours. Navy blue is something I also consider to be neutral. I don't have a single item that's yellow or orange. I have two red shirts, and that's it. I like to look for lilac and purple in clothing; but the problem is, they only usually come out in really trendy looks and not in staple looks that you can actually wear; so though I would like to wear more lilac and more purple, it's just not so available in classic, essential pieces. At least, not as available as I would like it to be. At the end of the day, I don't like to look into my closet and see a cluttered mess of trendy prints and trendy colours; I like to open my closet and see peace of mind! That's not to say I don't like colour and print! That's just to say that I'm going to be very careful when choosing colourful and printed things— they shouldn't be trendy— they should be something that I can still wear a long time down the road, without getting sick of. The worst feeling is looking into your closet and realising that you picked out something that's such a mess you never want to see it again! And that's what I try to avoid.
       The last bit of advice I can give, in order to wrap this up, is to say that one should always feel free to throw away what's old already. I see people who hoard old clothes and the result is terrible. I'm a very sentimental person; but I do know when something should be given away or thrown away. I do give all of my old clothes away as donations to flood and typhoon victims, so on and so forth. But the bottom line is, to give away or to throw away, what is really old and not usable. I mean, turning an old shirt into a rag for the table is too much, in my opinion. Too much recycling. I know people who do that, just because they think that throwing clothes away is a sin; but I think that's turned into a form of bondage and I wouldn't do that, myself. I'm not saying it's wrong to be that way; but I'm saying that if you're going to be bound by your old clothes because you think it's a sin to throw them away, then you have my sympathies. You can always donate them to rescue and relief efforts, if that's something you care about. There's always a catastrophe somewhere, and there are always organisations eager to accept donations going to that.
       And this is the fashion/style advice that I can give, to all the wonderfuls out there! Have fun with it!

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