Envy And Narcissism As Explained In The Eighteen Hundreds

       Kierkegaard, the Danish writer and thinker of hundreds of years ago, is celebrated as the first true existentialist philosopher. And apparently, an avid diary-keeper who wrote his thoughts down so uninhibitedly and so unapologetically, that some of those same thoughts written in the eighteen hundreds, which I'm sharing with you here, are now very relevant, current, and applicable insights into our situations and our needs circa 2015!
       In this particular bit of journaling, he expresses so prolifically a very common human trait, which is envy, and studies and expounds upon the results of envy, which are actions that are meant to demean, to lessen, to detract from, the object of envy. Of course, the worst thing to say to an envious person, is, "you are just envious", because then all hell will break loose, especially if you are dealing with a narcissist who actually wants to make it appear to others like you are the one who is envious or you are perhaps just flawed in character or in mind!
       Kierkegaard goes on to discuss the symptoms associated with this condition, as well as the treatments of it (the treatments that he applied to those who felt insecure around him). His methods of treatment are different from my own, as I would simply ignore an envious person to death, even go so far as to acting like they are not even there! Of course, my "treatment" only exacerbates their condition. But K has listed down a treatment that is a bit more cunning in nature, which involves actually giving the envious person what they really want (or at least, they think it's what you are giving to them). Overall, this is a very valuable collection of thoughts, containing a wealth of insight that I believe everyone should read and really understand! His words here that stand out to me the most, are the following: “Showing that they don’t care about me, or caring that I should know they don’t care about me, still denotes dependence.” I think that we can all immediately identify what he means by this, as all of us have either been the victim of this type of treatment, or, you who are reading this right now may be a perpetrator of this type of treatment towards others! Actions like these are of course becoming more prevalent and more easy to carry out these days, thanks to social media platforms! Narcissistic tactics such as gaslighting, stonewalling, and baiting and bashing are all too easy to carry out on others, thanks to how smaller the world has become as a result of "global shrinking" in the light of all our social media platforms and tools. When you feel like you are purposely being shunned or overlooked— the key word there is purposely! There is a real intent being given in order to shun you, to make you feel unwanted and left out, etc. Which of course just means that there is a great amount of purpose being placed upon your existence! Which I will leave to Kierkegaard now to explain. I hope you enjoy the read and find it helpful, thank you for being here today! :)

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