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This is Jim Crotty. Jim lives in Ohio.

This is what Jim had to say about The Conversation of Venusta while he was still reading it:

“I am just past the halfway mark on reading The Conversation of Venusta. I would probably be much further along if it were not for my impulse to re-read so much, highlight and constantly make exclamation points and stars in the margins. And not for the reason you may fear. Not by a long shot! It’s due to the fact the lessons and wisdom within this conversation is like a trail of diamonds, one leading to the next in a brilliant display of prose beautifully balanced between mind, heart and soul. By nature of what I do I am a very visually oriented person so my apologies for being over analogous in my initial review but being given the opportunity to preview and proof Venusta is akin to privileged access to an oasis for the soul while roaming the desert of the temporal, the fearful and the vain. It is an affirmation that indeed we have sojourners in this, the journey of life, and it is a beautiful blessing and serendipitous that we should connect with an author as talented and courageous as C. JoyBell C.

Venusta has arrived at such a perfect time because the topics of the ‘conversation’ — the questions asked and the answers provided — are truly powerful in their healing energy, especially for sensitive souls who have recently experienced any type of deep, personal loss recently or are in the process of questioning their decisions regarding where we come from, where are we going and how to recognize true love and beauty when it is visited upon us during our journeys. This last year I experienced death and loss within my own family and journeyed down some false paths. What I am reading in Venusta has renewed and reawakened my soul-voice. To come up out of the darkness and limits of ‘compartmentalization’ and toward the peaceful acceptance of what a soul given wings is capable of accomplishing, in growing, expressing, sharing. And I’m only halfway through the book! Thank you, C., thank you, thank you.”

“I’m on page 182. What you are writing is resounding in me unlike any other work I’ve read prior to ‘Venusta,’ from ANY author. This is amazing.”

And this is what Jim is saying now after reading the whole book:

“The experience of reading 'The Conversation of Venusta' is far from merely reading words on pages. It is an experience much more akin to stepping aside and bearing witness to the journey of one’s own soul, all the while guided by a voice of heartfelt reason and a pure intention from love — a love of life, of beauty, of truth. That is C. JoyBell C.

It was a wonderful privilege to read and preview ‘Venusta.’ While bookstore shelves are filled with countless self-help guides to the betterment of the body and self, it’s a refreshing change to discover this wonderful guide and voice to the betterment of the soul. Never condemning, not judgmental, but rather gently leading the reader to the truth and beauty of his or her own heart as well as refining awareness of where real love resides.

On the surface considered esoteric I would venture to go further and describe C. JoyBell C’s writing and work with ‘Venusta’ as a divine composition of, and balance of, the inherent goodness of all that is beautiful and spiritual, both of what is seen and unseen. It is rare indeed to find a writer with such originality of feeling, awareness of all the energy of life and gifted prose that is universal and transcends the obstacles of religious and cultural classifications and judgmental simplifications. She speaks to all souls.

Through ‘Venusta’ the reader begins to see his or her full potential when the growth journey moves beyond the limits of body and ego and engages spirit and soul. I stated this in my mid-way review and I will state it again here — it’s serendipitous of how and when ‘Venusta’ came into my life, not only as a beta reader but in the collaborative work I did with C. JoyBell C. in photographing the cover image.

Over the last year I’ve personally experienced several life-altering events, exactly the type of experiences that lead to the most important topics of this ‘Conversation,’ from the passing on of loved ones, trials of the heart and struggles with the trap of ego. More than once did I feel and hear the voice of my now deceased mother come through, leading me onward to engage fully the truth of not only my own soul but to see clearly the good hearts meant to sojourn with me. This, the ‘journey to peace.’

‘Venusta’ will resonate particularly in a powerful way for those on a faith journey who have experienced many wrong paths, just as what can happen in organized fundamentalism and overemphasis on dogma. You are not alone! There is such a sense of positive, renewing energy to this ‘Conversation’ and affirmation that questioning institutionalized (and in many ways commercialized) soul-faith-journey is not only the right thing to do but is necessary to ascend to the spiritual heights of which most of us are destined. Even now I’m afraid to go further with that thought due to lingering fears that were entrenched during my own wrong paths and all the scars of self-condemnation, but the truth is the truth and it is beautiful!

The ‘conversation’ moves seamlessly from faith journey to love and relationships. All is interconnected and C. JoyBell C. is a master at showing the whole growth process of the soul as being comprised of all that makes life truly meaningful and guides us to beauty and greater realization of our full potentials. Here to the pitfalls of succumbing to the limits of ego and fear are illustrated by not so much describing desire as shameful but more of why it is so important to refine awareness and discernment through self-worth and gaining the right vision of oneself. Sex fully within the context of love is beautiful in its power to move the soul, unlike any other interaction between two people. Once again, breaking down the walls of shame and guilt. ‘All freedom is love.’

Yes, the soul is on a journey within this life and I do agree with C. JoyBell C. that we ‘create our own Heavens and Hells here on Earth’. There must be growth. There must be balance. There must be self-worth to the point of being fully capable of extending and receiving pure love. Every page of ‘The Conversation of Venusta’ delivers gems of soul-feeling and I think it will be C. JoyBell C.’s most quoted work (there’s genuine gold throughout). She’s already the most quoted Author on Goodreads and there’s a reason why. ‘Venusta’ is beyond confirmation to that well-earned honor.

‘Fill your soul with the wine of life.’ With ‘Venusta’ C. JoyBell C. has lovingly crafted a joyful vessel for delivering such wine, one laden in the beauty of her words and the love-foundation of her wisdom. We can — and we will — build beautiful temples of our souls, in this world and beyond. Thank you C. JoyBell C.”

Discover more about Jim:

Jim is the Owner and Photographer at Picture Ohio, LLC. Aside from Jim’s involvement with the arts and entrepreneurship (he comes from a long line of entrepreneurs), he also gained a firm foundation in perseverance and determination while serving as a United States Marine. Jim’s evidence of loyalty to the United States Marine Corps Reserve includes the following: Honorable service including active duty training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, SC; graduate of USAF Security Police Academy at Lackland Air Force Base, Marine Corps Detachment; Camp Lejeune, North Carolina; Ft. Carson, Colorado Springs, CO and Camp Kinser, Okinawa, Japan. Corporal E-4 with Selective Marine Corps Reserve Award.

Jim has been a Marketing Communications Manager, a Journalism Teacher and a Speech Communications Teacher. His true love, though, goes to his two daughters, Emma and Chloe; and also to his son, Philip. His love is also evident in his affection for the arts. Jim says about his photography: “Life is art and a love for the art of living infuses every project I become involved with, from commercial photography assignments to teaching photography to capturing images that effectively express my appreciation for the beauty and wonder of nature. What I do as a profession and avocation resides deep within my being.”

More info: Jim is the photographer I collaborated with to produce the cover of this book.

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Jim is smart. Be like Jim. =)

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