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This is Joanna Basior. Joanna lives in Taiwan.

This is what Joanna has to say about my book:

“The Conversation of Venusta is a must-read for every individual: from those needing to be uplifted to those whose positivity, joy and peace fill every crevice of their Soul. This naturally flowing, effortless dialogue draws the reader in completely with an incredible focus on the conversation. Even though initially the reader ‘listens in’ on the conversation, there is no feeling of intrusion. In fact, within the first few pages of the exchange the reader becomes the conversation; it’s an incredible sensation! The insights expressed in the book immediately resonate within the Soul; this goes for the known and understood ideas, as well as for new revelations; the Soul recognizes them and allows the mind to acknowledge, accept and rejoice.

Many women in today’s society are natural caregivers and caretakers of their Loved Ones, fully giving and sacrificing themselves, forgetting that they, too, ought to love and appreciate themselves. ‘The Conversation of Venusta’ powerfully reminds them of the importance of acknowledging their own greatness and remembering that their beautiful Light needs nurturing and recognition, resulting in a compelling empowerment. We are reminded of our infinite gift to ourselves and to others, allowing us to shine even brighter. This imperative dialogue consciously takes us back to the only religion there is: Beauty.

I truly hope that ‘The Conversation of Venusta’ will be translated into Chinese; both the traditional and the simplified versions. People raised in the Chinese society, with strong Confucian ideology, with an overwhelming focus on filial piety (inclusive of obedience) and inevitable fate, will undoubtedly benefit from the wisdom revealed in this book. It will provide an absolutely life changing epiphany, which will allow many to acknowledge their individuality, their greatness and move from fear to freedom; resulting in a possibility of meeting their destiny, instead of being resigned to fate.

I devoured the wisdom contained in this precious dialogue, wholly nourishing my mind and my Soul. C. JoyBell C. stitches her words onto the silk of our existence, leaving an eternal imprint on the reader. Her unique perspective challenges and pacifies at the same time. ‘The Conversation of Venusta’ left me with the feeling of overflowing joy, peace and Love."

Discover more about Joanna:

Joanna Basior is the President of Sphera International, which she co-founded with her brother and business partner in 2010. She is also Managing Partner of Tempus Development Solutions, Inc; a Dallas, TX-based company, which services building development clientele in the US. Joanna attended University of Michigan, Peking University and Georgetown University where she graduated with degrees in Chinese Language and Linguistics.

Growing up in communist Poland and having acquired an education in Poland, the United States and China, Joanna gained a unique combination of technical knowledge and practical understanding of politics, culture and languages from three very different continents. Combining her unique background, education, cultural and linguistic knowledge, business acumen and creativity, Joanna successfully develops and directs international projects by implementing cutting-edge initiatives.

In line with Joanna’s personal linguistic passions, she is an active language consultant and international conference and presentation advisor at National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan.

Joanna’s passions include reading, writing, public speaking, innovation, volunteering and international travel.

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Charities close to her heart:

Helping Hearts Helping Hands

The Sanctuary Taiwan

Joanna is smart. Be like Joanna. =)

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