Beta Reader Myr

This is Myr Lim. Myr lives in The Philippines.

This is what Myr had to say when she first started reading The Conversation of Venusta:

“This book is a transporter of place, thought and time. I say transporter because as I read along, a certain paragraph leads me to recall childhood incidents shedding more light now to the significance of those episodes. Then the next sentence brought me to contemplate about the unseen future, and as I turn over a new page it brings awareness of the present moment and the essence of life. This is not your typical sequential book where it leaves the purpose or goal at the end. This book is full of hidden messages, in each page and on every turn. It’s a handbook for the free-thinkers, those who want to see and feel every little thing this world has to offer and more so; what might lie beyond. The Conversation of Venusta is a compendium we all need as a reminder of the goddess in each of us, the love we must carry in our life and the beauty we must not take for granted in the world we live in.”

And this is what Myr is saying now after reading the whole book:

“This book speaks to the soul. It’s like you’re looking at your own reflection and describing your innermost thoughts & feelings. It’s understanding the purpose of your life and how to live it well. C. JoyBell C’s use of conversation to express what every individual longs to say but can’t find the right words is simply divine. One can’t help but cling to the wisdom and supreme knowledge this book bestows, especially; when life seem so complicated and yet the author’s gift in delivering esoteric messages is made clear, simple and concise. There are billions of book in this world, some books are made for me, some are made for you, some are made for them, but this one (The Conversation of Venusta) is made for all of us.”

Learn more about Myr:

Myr is a business owner that supplies food packaging throughout The Philippines. She is also a certified Fashion Stylist who graduated at Make-Up Designory Los Angeles. She manages her company on weekdays and teaches beauty make-up & hairstyling on weekends.

Myr’s also an avid yogi, having discovered yoga eight years ago; she never looked back since. With no background in dance or any sports whatsoever; yoga has taught her the importance of movement, meditation & mindfulness.

She considers travelling as her passion and goes somewhere she's never been to every year on her birthday. She has been on her wanderlust journey for the past fourteen years and that's only the beginning.

Myr supports Humanitarian Tzu Chi Foundation which is a non governmental organization (NGO) that has a worldwide care program helping and serving all those in need and struck by calamities. This NGO was founded by Dharma Master Chen Yen who's often called "the Mother Teresa of Asia".

Myr is smart. Be like Myr. =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

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