Beta Reader Nicolae

This is Nicolae Tanase. Nicolae lives in Iceland.

This is what Nicolae has to say after reading The Conversation of Venusta:

"Wonderful book about the innocence and beauty of the soul. An accurate description about the purity of a flower, unblemished, left in its pristine form. No matter what happens around, silence, noise, envy or some loving eyes, the flower will still bloom and shine its originality.

A book about the destiny of souls. What is destined, what is chosen by the soul will happen sooner or later. It will happen when the time is ripe. A destiny we’ve chosen sometimes before space and time. A book about the freedom to choose love or to postpone it. There is no other way. For it is meant to happen. It is carved in marble.

Accurate depictions about the distinction between the mundane and spiritual. Between mind and the soul. Between what the body wants and what the heart longs for, and is destined for.

An elegant book that brings forth the elegance of mind and the humbleness of heart. Words that will awaken the elegant manners in the reader.

I wish I could say more but the book is like a little perfect jewel, complete in itself. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read such a wonderful book. It’s been an honor."

More on Nicolae:

Aside from the fact that Nicolae is from Iceland and I don't know anybody else from Iceland, he is also the Founder of Excellence Reporter and a Writer at Love Is Like The Fragrance In A Flower.

Nicolae invited me to an interview over at Excellence Reporter, and it is after that interview that I in turn invited him to join my beta reader team for my book. He finished reading my book in just two days, which makes him the fastest reader on my team! I asked him to write a bio for himself, but he insisted he only wants to share his two links below (one for his magazine and one for his blog).

You may visit Nicolae's magazine HERE

And you may visit Nicolae's blog HERE

Nicolae is smart. Be like Nicolae. =)

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