Beta Reader Priyanka

This is Priyanka Dass. Priyanka lives in India.

This is what Priyanka had to say while she was still reading my book:

“I am halfway through this book and I am just awestruck by how captivating and honest this book is. It is meant to be a conversation with self; the higher and mundane one and it left me with the same conversation with self. It’s almost like sitting with myself and thinking about things I never did. It felt almost divine at certain points and I still can’t comprehend the beautiful mind of C. Joybell C. to craft such deep meaningful thoughts in simple and beautiful words. I am sure once I finish reading this book it will not leave me so easily, there are pieces that I will pick up and practice everyday, and I can’t wait for it.”

This is what Priyanka is saying now after she has read the whole book:

“This book is nothing less than magnificent and wonderful. It is the simplest and purest answer for all the complex questions that we ask ourselves everyday. While reading The Conversation of Venusta, you will be bare faced with your own soul; it is a sweet reunion with the self that we are often so blinded to see.

I enjoyed all the metaphors and symbols in this book and the revelation of their divine meaning. It is a parallel journey of spirituality and realism, flesh and soul, thoughts and our works. It led me to a greater understanding of loving myself, making the right decisions, waiting on the right people in life, faith and belief.

I will pick The Conversation of Venusta every time when I will question myself and find myself in doubt. This book is more than encouragement; it is a beautifully crafted way of finding the truth, the truth that is otherwise twisted by this world. And I can assure that amidst the words inside, you will find whatever you are seeking in life.”

Discover more about Pri:

Priyanka is a Biotechnologist who is currently working towards her Masters in Biotechnology at Christian Eminent College. She is also founder of Kohled Words, a professional Writing Studio that provides clients with various services.

Pri is also a part of Victory Fellowship International, a Christian Youth Fellowship in India, founded by students from Africa. She is the Committee of their Indore branch.

Aside from all the brainy stuff that Priyanka likes to do, she also enjoys the art of hand lettering, painting, and enjoys playing with children.

You can connect with Priyanka on Instagram here: @priyankadass

You can read some of her poetry and prose on Instagram here: @fleshandsoul

Priyanka is smart. Be like Priyanka. =)

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