Beta Reader Ruh

This is Ruh Ullah Mohammad Barna. Ruh lives in Bangladesh.

This is what Ruh had to say about my work, while he was still reading it:

“Half way done. Even though it is supposed to feel like a conversation between your mind and soul, most of the time I’m feeling like you are talking to me. Being there for me no matter I’m up or down, like a guardian angel. And I can just BE. Already feeling a bit sad that it’s halfway over! I wish, you could consider continuing this as a series of books along the ‘Vade Mecum’ series.”

“Almost 3/4th done. The more I’m reading your words, the more I'm knowing myself better. In case I forget to say to you later, thank you for this book. Elegance of Mind... and the idea of true humility making me think the most... the way the idea of hovering made me feel in its prequel. Not every reader gets the chance to talk to the writer about the book while reading, I feel so, so, too lucky every single moment of this wonderful journey!”

This is what Ruh is saying now after completing his reading of The Conversation of Venusta:

“The Conversation of Venusta, might turn out to be the best ever gift till date to its readers from the Author C. JoyBell C. It is a sequel to her earlier creation ‘The Conversation of Merachefet’, a great thought- provoking one, itself. Surpassing the prequel is always a tough job to do, she did it with magical ease like the way a child smiles.

It’s one of those big size books one can get lost inside so easily, like an escape from anything you desire not to be in touch with for the time being. Just like its predecessor, it’s written in the style of one single conversation between mind and soul, this time spreading over 240 pages. At the beginning, someone might think it’s a lot of pages, but once he or she gets inside the soulful journey; it’s one hell of a tough job to take any break at all. And at the end it’s just the matter of moments to realize how much you crave for some more pages. And in this case for even better, instead of losing oneself one may find themselves in it. Or even more than that, one might even find who they always thought to be or wanted to be. The hope of being the very best they can be, with the secret pathway to reach their destined destination.

What it is about? To me it’s about beauty of living in love. Being whole of whomever you truly are, to defeat the evil of darkness with the light; deeply rooted into your soul. The thing that amazes me most is the way she feels and expresses extraordinarily with simplest of words in most relatable way. It doesn’t really matter if I am up or down, there’s always something for me that can help me get through mostly anything to make it my day. It could have easily been named, A Philosopher’s Guide to a Life Worth Living. It makes you wonder and gives you the answer you seek and need to be a better or even the best of you. It could also be called ‘The Mirror’, to peek inside your soul. Pages after pages of knowing thyself, even parts you never knew that exists or has a name. It felt like giving a face to someone I always knew but never met before.

You don’t just read a book. Sometimes if you are awake enough, you get to feel and live it too. This book cleared my vision, made me smile with self-belief that I do matter too. Such a beautiful vibe it flows with. It is a gem to keep and share with the ones you love and care about. Let the metamorphosis begin.”

Find out more about Ruh:

Ruh is a student of Masters in Accounting in Bangladesh. He considers himself to be a simple introvert. He loves his family, he loves appreciating nature, taking peaceful photos, and enjoying a good cup of tea! He also says that he loves to “annoy people as long as they enjoy it.” His greatest aspiration in life is to “keep on being a good friend” and to “spread happiness to all”. His greatest pride in life is that he is fun to be around, and also his ability to put himself in the shoes of others and feel whatever they might be feeling in any given moment.

Ruh has a passion for football and cricket, coupled with a passion for listening to the secrets and the needs of other people; he says that other people feel comfortable coming to him with their problems and that he is always happy to be there for others in their times of need.

“Ruh Ullah”, means “Soul of the Creator” while his last name, “Barna”, means “Color”. Now isn’t that a beautiful name?

You can connect with Ruh via his Instagram account: @RU_6888

Ruh is smart. Be like Ruh. =)

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