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This is Israel Johnson. Israel lives in Virginia.

This is what Israel has to say about The Conversation of Venusta:

"There are few books that I have read that really take you on a journey and challenge you to look at life in a different way. The Conversation of Venusta is one of those books. A thought-provoking read, The Conversation of Venusta touches on many aspects of life, including but not limited to friendship, love, justice, forgiveness, and redemption.

I was left in silence after completing the book, spending some time reflecting on its many lessons. The book includes a reference to painting, which reminded me of the concept of leadership, not only having the ability to lead others, but also turning others into leaders. This is a great work that reminds the reader that everyone has the capability to make a difference in the world. However, in many cases, a great effort is needed to achieve that difference. Our level of effort reveals how much value we place in the change we wish to see in the world.

The book brings the reader to a realization that virtues like compassion and humility are traits that we can easily lose sight of or forget over the course of our lives. And yet, we are able to claim these traits back, and influence others to do the same. I encourage others to read The Conversation of Venusta. It is worth taking the journey."

Here's more information about Israel:

Israel Johnson is a Software Engineer who works in the Defense Industry. He is a college graduate from the University of Virginia, having worked in Research and Development as well as in the Healthcare Industry. He also enjoys doing freelance work as an Artist, having completed work as a Concept Artist for many volunteer projects in local communities.

Israel has worked with Thurman Brisben Homeless Shelter in Fredericksburg, VA, where he volunteered to prepare meals for the homeless. He has also participated in Poverty Alleviation as a CAVS CARE volunteer with the University of Virginia Alumni Club of the Triangle. Furthermore, Israel currently supports Boy Scouts of America, Model United Nations Development Organisation, People to People Ambassador Programs, and American Cancer Society.

You can connect with Israel HERE.

Israel is smart. Be like Israel. =)

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