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This is Lilly Burchstead. Lilly lives in Los Angeles, California.

This is what Lilly is saying about The Conversation of Venusta:

"The Conversation of Venusta is a beautiful, magical, profound book. Each page astonishes you and challenges you. It helps you to know yourself more and understand the choices you have made in your life. It is a profound conversation between your inner and outer, soul and mind. It helps you to learn from your past and at the same time guides and nurtures you through the process of letting go. It will accompany you on your journey of living your best life. It is truly written with love. You feel this love throughout the entire book. This is a book that you will want to read again and again, and discover and feel something new and different each time. It helps you to move from the darkness to the light, to accept and love yourself in the new light.

I have never been moved and touched by a book as I have been moved and touched with ‘The Conversation of Venusta’. It has been one of the hardest and most beautiful, elegant books that I have read. It took me to my past but in a painless manner. It was a different feeling. It was more about understanding, accepting and saying a definite ‘good bye’ to pain, disappointment and loss. I felt as if you [C. JoyBell C.] had been with me through my painful moments and had felt them just like me. Just like you [C. JoyBell C.], I believe in signs. The time for me to read this book was perfect, as if you knew or felt I was ready to read it. This was a sign. You truly are an angel.

As I was reading each page of The Conversation of Venusta, I did not want the book to end. You have this beautiful connection with the book that you never want it to end as much as you want to read how the book ends. You want to feel it close to your heart forever. This book is the hug that you had asked or desired to have when you were in so much pain, the hand that you wanted to hold so tight when you felt alone and betrayed, and the beautiful voice that you wanted to hear when you felt weak, lost and dead. And as you ‘meet’ the last page, you realize that it is a beautifully bright beginning. You recognize your light and how it has always been there throughout the journey.

Thank you, C. JoyBell C., for this beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing your light, love, passion and beautiful gift of writing. Your words have helped me to stop looking for the old me in the dark and accepting my new me in the light and to smile again and again. While I was reading The Conversation of Venusta, I kept on holding the manuscript so tight, close to my heart. I cried because each page is written with love. I felt it. Just as Vademecum, I want to carry The Conversation of Venusta with me, forever in my heart. Thank you for this beautiful gift. You will never be forgotten, God bless you always."

Discover more about beautiful and loving Lilly (in her own words):

"I live in Los Angeles, California. I am a Finance Manager at Paramount Pictures and have been working at Paramount for almost 12 years. I have been fortunate to work with incredible people who have become mentors, friends and family. I have a beautiful daughter named Madeline, who inspires me every day.

I am involved with Mixed Roots Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization. Mixed Roots collaborates with individuals, businesses and organizations to promote and support organizations, create awareness and inspire future generations touched by adoption and foster care to achieve their dreams and goals. It educates and inspires the greater community about the importance of knowing and embracing your own identity of being mixed roots, including your biological, cultural, and spiritual roots which ultimately makes up and brings together the diversity in the community.

My friend and I produced 'Stars Are Already Dead'. It is an independent film that will be released this year. The film is about hope, faith and light."

You can connect with Lilly on LinkedIn HERE.

Lilly is smart. Be like Lilly. =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.


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