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This is Natalie Brady. Natalie lives in Ohio. Natalie is one of the two youngest beta readers on my team, she has been reading my work since she was in high school.

Here's what Natalie has to say about The Conversation of Venusta:

There’s nothing more peaceful than to watch the embers of an autumn fire lick up at the sky, to close our eyes and listen to her hiss and crackle, spitting out warmth. Oh, does she love to spit out that warmth, filling our chest with contentment and our vision with a slow melding of smoke on flame on wood.

But there is something about an autumn fire that can leave us feeling cold and bereft. The dichotomy: the lucid light versus the dense dark. The light chases away all the shadows and provides solace, but the dark embraces those shadows, and begs for us to console them. Do we listen? Why should we? We have all we need sitting in her illumination: warmth, light, and security. Why should we step out of that circle of trust, to a field of uneasiness? Why should we abandon our home to explore one untouched by her glow?

If we were to give it a chance, if we were to hold on tight and take one step, two, three, we might stumble — the perfect excuse to turn back and run for shelter. If we were to look our uncertainty in the eye and continue, to take four, five, six steps, we might feel a lump in our throat, one we are unable to push down to our stomach — another excuse. But if we were to continue further, to face all the fear snaking throughout our body, to take seven, eight, nine steps, we will find that our eyes… They are adjusting. We can see. We can see a whole different world, a whole new way of living, a place we never could have imagined still huddled in her embers.

The Conversation of Venusta is this darkness; this enlightenment. All we have to do is take the plunge into the shadows, to take those first three steps and skin our knee. To take those next three and tell our body to remain calm. To take those final three and pause, to let our eyes adjust to the new world around us, to let our mind free from our bias, our judgment, our preconceived notions, and to let ourselves absorb the beauty of the thoughts encasing us. Only when we embrace her shadows, her anonymity, can we begin to comprehend the world around us.

I allowed myself to be swallowed by the shadows, to exit my comfort zone and look at my surroundings in a light that, while cloaked in murkiness, outshines every star.

C. Joybell C.’s The Conversation of Venusta is worth those nine steps.

And here's more about Natalie:

Ever since she was little, Natalie found herself writing away her problems, singing through her woes, and finding new ways to help people reach their potential.

An inventor, Natalie had her first product on the market when she was three years old. Her latest product is an online system,, she invented at the age of nine, which helps teach children how to build confidence by facing and overcoming their fears. She has shared her love of inventing and her approach to creativity and writing at a number of different schools, including through a program on intellectual property, produced for high school students, by Northern Kentucky University.

In high school, Natalie explored her love of music by playing trumpet in multiple bands and singing in a variety of choruses. She also discovered her love of leadership, serving as Section Leader for the large trumpet section, as well as helping the school’s levy effort, helping with elementary newspaper classes, serving in editor positions for the Amazing Kids! International E-zine, teaching trumpet to junior high students, and writing her own blog,

Natalie is currently studying Creative Writing and Jazz Voice Performance at Northern Kentucky University.

Lastly, Natalie wants to say, that she is blessed to have been asked to contribute a writing as a member of C. Joybell C.’s team of Beta Readers.

You can connect with Natalie here:

And visit to learn more about her work!

Natalie is smart. Be like Natalie. heart emoticon

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon (, at CreateSpace (, and at many other online stores ( If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

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