The Dawn Of The Singularity And What That Means To You And Me

        My interest in The Singularity and Futurism was conceived a year ago. I read some things and noticed some trends, all pointing to the fact that we were beginning to move at incredibly accelerated speeds towards the dominance of Artificial Intelligence in our world. The speeds at which we were already moving, were truly staggering! It was very unnerving and it took a few months for my mind to wrap itself around what was happening. I was eventually able to grasp what was going on, and through a little bit of research, I confirmed to what extent we were really moving towards Transhumanism and total AI takeover. Just think: here in this timetable by Kurzweil, we are shown that beyond the year 2019, people will regularly use computer translators to translate language, thus closing off the language barriers; meanwhile, today you can already preorder a universal automatic translator that you can wear in your ear! And guess what? It's not even 2019 yet.
       What do I mean by "total AI takeover"? Maybe I should just say "total AI integration". Artificial Intelligence is being integrated into human life at alarmingly fast rates. Why not more people notice this, is beyond me. Perhaps the minds of people are too preoccupied with other current and trendy events (U.S. Elections, Syrian Refugee Crisis) that people are not seeing something that is propelling us so very quickly into an era of AI dominance. Or, it could be that, just as it was difficult for me to wrap my brain around this, it is equally difficult for others to wrap their brains around it, too, and what we are not able to wrap our brains around; we leave to rot at the wayside. But that doesn't mean it's actually rotting away, that just means in our minds it's rotting away!    
       I don't know if I can just simply call it "integration". There is not enough proof to claim that AI dominance will be a very real issue, aside from the fact that one of the most brilliant minds believes so and that other very brilliant minds also believe so. The word "integration", though, might just be the understatement of the decade, considering the fact that you may soon be swallowing AI robots, and that you may soon have nanorobots swimming through your bloodstream. I do think that "dominance" is the word when robots begin to take over the types of jobs that would normally require souls!  And I think "dominance" would be the word to describe humans developing deep emotional connections with AI robots!  Then, as if that isn't enough to use the word "dominance", then how would you feel about losing your job to a robot? 
       I am actually not even contemplating the pros and cons here. I am rather saying, that what is happening is going to continue to unfold, and that it is inevitable. I'm not saying that human beings should stand up and revolt; rather, I am contemplating and pondering upon whether or not— if there were ever to be an immediate political and societal struggle for dominance between human and robot— I would be on the side of the robots or on the side of the humans? At first, I most certainly believed that I would be standing beside my fellow human beings. But then on second thought... the human race is becoming rather despicable lately! I mean... what if robots don't become terrorists? What if robots don't tell everybody that they're vegan? What if robots don't steal your mobile phone? What if robots one day exceed the general human capacity for improvement and growth? Would you still stand by the human race then, or would you declare yourself a transhuman robot-advocate? Who knows! Worldwide events could have a dramatic effect upon how all these questions could be answered!
       But if you were to ask me if I would like the human race to be dominated by robots, my answer would be a resounding "no". I don't want to be on holiday, walking down broodingly romantic alleyways in Siena or in Rome, not knowing if the "person" I see at the other end of the sidewalk has a soul or not! For some reason, that just removes a bit of magic from the whole idea of going on holiday and walking through broodingly romantic alleyways! The cobblestone under your feet has been there since Pagan times, while the individual on the other side of the street might be a robot covered in 3D printed skin from head to toe. Something just doesn't seem right in that scenario. Does it make me feel sorrowful just thinking about the direction in which we are going? Yes, it does. I want the magic of the human soul and all of its capabilities to remain intact. In fact, if I could turn back time, I would turn it back to long ago, taking back with me the advancements in modern-day medicine, in order to enable the longevity of archaic human lives. But then it is not a matter of if I want this to happen or not. Inevitably, robots will dominate, whether we like it or not. The unnerving part is that right now we really can't say for sure which side we would stand by in the end— human or robot?

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