A Call to Unity and How to Do It

Copyright © Grace Adams
      The world is like the human body. When you look at the human body, you see a single biological system covered in one giant field of skin. You can tell me that there are no borders on my body; but inside my body, there is a skeletal system, a muscular system, a nervous system; there are tissues, cells... there are plenty of little communities working together as a whole, in order for my body to function. They are all different, but they are connected. My heart is not my lung and my eyes are not my ears. Each part needs to be different in order for me to be a fully functional human being. What would happen if my eyes decided to be just like my ears? What would happen if my fingers wanted to be just like my toes? Then I would be a deformed and dysfunctional human being.
       You cannot tell me that in this world we need to all be the same, because to tell me that would be telling me that you want the world to be dysfunctional and deformed. Yes, when the Earth is looked upon from a spacecraft, you are not going to see where a country ends and where it begins. But that is just like looking at my body from the outside. You need to go in to see what's inside.
       In order for a body to function, all parts must be in harmony and undivided. If you were to divide my heart in half, I would cease to live. In this same exact light, if you are to divide a nation in half, expect not the world to unite. The only way for the world to unite, is for the nations to unite first within themselves. The only way for a community to unite is for the families to unite first within themselves. Do not tell me about the inexistence of nations in a plea to unite the whole world. The whole world will never unite, until you as a nation first heals yourself.

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