How To Navigate Through The World With Equanimity And Balance

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       I express in three different ways. One for me, one for analysis, and one for others. Allow me to explain:
       I have my own personal preferences and feelings about anything, just like everybody else. But since I acknowledge that what I want and what I feel is not the center of the universe, I do not reflect this section of my expression onto everything and everyone. I keep it to myself, or to situations that immediately concern me.
       Then I have my section for analysis, where I analyse what might be really going on behind the scenes, which is something totally unattached to both myself and others. In this section, all people are merely collateral damage. This is the "masterplan" section. This area is for analysis of the masterplan.
       And there is the section for others, where I see things through their eyes, removing my benefits, wants and opinions entirely from the scenario and seeing it 100% through their eyes. This area is applied to all scenarios wherein I am not the immediate recipient of any effects (for example, things far removed from my life that I see on the news). And, also applied to any scenario for a brief time during which I need to understand another person/other people.
       So when I write, my writings might not even be how I personally feel about an event or a scenario. I can be writing from the "masterplan section" or from the "their perspective" section.
       I advise everyone to approach life this way. Apply these sections to your life, if you can. Do not attach your feelings and emotions to everything. There is a time and place for that. Not everything is YOU.
       The problem when you buy into the new age teaching of "I am the universe, we are all one, everything is me", is that this belief produces chaos. It eliminates your ability to see anything apart from your own convictions, feelings, and thoughts. And that produces stupidity and utter chaos.

Here is an example, to make things easier for everyone:

Let us examine Brexit.

1. How I personally feel: I am personally saddened to see Britain leave. While I am a culturalist, I am also a Europhile. The EU was founded upon the value that the nations ought to unite, but they also ought to remain sovereign. That is the same thing as saying, "We may all be friends and help one another, but that doesn't mean that we need to wear the same clothes, read the same books, and like the same food." And that's just right. It is a reflection of a good and well-balanced value from a daily, more personal level of our friendships with others. I am therefore saddened to see Britain go, because I could benefit from the amazing EU laws and ways.

2. What I think the masterplan is: I think the masterplan could be either of the two: 1. To destabilise the EU in order to formulate the third world war, or 2. To create a United States of Europe. If it is the former, then the masterplan has succeeded. If it is the latter, then Britain just broke the masterplan.

3. What I believe is going on with the people immediately concerned with this situation: I believe that through the years, the founding value of the EU has faded and they have less and less respect for sovereignty. I think Britain sees a "United States of Europe" on the way and wants out of it. The younger UK generation doesn't see this, because they were born in the era of the EU and now they feel like the world is over. The older generation sees this, because they are naturally older, wiser, and were living even before the EU was formed.

       And this here is a very good example of how I think and how I express. As you can see, I did not make room in any of my previous writings, to say that I like the EU and I want it back in Britain, because of the fact that it does not immediately concern me and I believe that those whom it concerns should be given more thought. The rest of the world falls into the category of the masterplan, in which, we are all collateral damage, anyway.

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