In Defense of Fear

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       I never thought it would come to this, but, I find it necessary to say that, fear is a human right just as much as love is a human right. People have the right to love whom they love. But people also have the right to fear what/whom they fear.
       Civilisation is always out of balance, swinging from one end of the pendulum to the other. It is necessary to reinstate that balance every now and then.
       We fight for the right of a person to love whom they wish to love, but we shame anyone who is afraid of anything or anyone else. And shame is not the method of soothing fear.
       If you had a fear of clowns, spiders, heights... or any other phobia... do you think that the way for this fear to be removed is by people shaming you for your fear? I don't think so. Why do people then shame other people the moment they are afraid of something or someone?
       It is not right to fear people due to their race, their disability, sexual orientation, because these are natural states of the homo sapien. We should not fear natural states of our species. However, any person has the legal right to fear a person's religion. A religion is not a natural state of any person on Earth. A religion is not a race, a disability, or a gender. A religion is an institution.
       If I were afraid of your sorority or your fraternity due to that organisation's practices (like violent hazing for example), that is my right to fear your organisation and to distance myself from it. Would it be a good idea for me to educate myself about your frat or sorority, in the hopes that my fear would be alleviated? Sure, maybe! You can tell me how the hazing process has only killed a few people in a few years, and maybe that would make me feel better. But then maybe it wouldn't. That's up to me! You have the right to be a member of that fraternity or that sorority, but you don't have the right to make everyone else around you accept you for your choices. You have the freedom to be in that organisation, but I have the freedom to fear you as a result of it, or, to distance myself from you as a result of it.
       A religion is not a natural part of the homo sapien. A religion is an institution, an organisation. It is a choice. Do not ever tell me that you cannot choose, because if you cannot choose, then that religion is trampling your human right to choose and in that case, it should be illegal. You may choose your spiritual beliefs and nobody can stop you from it.
       Meanwhile, nobody can stop anybody else from fearing you because of your choices. I can fear any institution or organisation that I feel threatens me in any way. I am not taking sides. But I am injecting some balance here. Some equanimity.
       We are not born entitled to other people's acceptance of our choices and affiliations. In fact, we are not even born entitled to other people's acceptance of our character traits, hair color, gender, or anything about us! But we are thankful that our natural rights are protected by the people who love us and by those who are in charge of us and who draft laws. But to expect all others to accept our choices and our affiliations is an enactment upon a privilege that does not exist. Because when you do something or when you choose something, you may do it freely, but others do not need to condone or to accept you freely if your choices and affiliations threaten their comfort in any way.
       Let's say you are a member of the Illuminati. Many people fear this organisation. Sure, they can educate themselves about it and find out that it is not what they have been told it is like. But then they don't have to. They really don't have to. They don't need to tell you to leave the Illuminati, but they also don't need to like you. Not everybody needs to like you for choices that you make.
       Would it be a good idea if everyone were further educated on everything in order to lose their fears? Sure. If I learned more about clowns, maybe I wouldn't fear clowns. But I don't have to learn more about clowns. And I don't have to like them. Were people born as clowns? No. People choose this as an occupation.
       You can choose as you wish. But others may also like or not like you; or fear or not fear you, accordingly.
       The Church of Satan is an officially recognized religion in the United States. I think it's safe to say that not a bunch of people are going to want to invite you over for brunch if you go to the Church of Satan. Do these people need to sit down and listen to a long lecture about how Lucifer is actually the angel of light and how it is perfectly okay to worship him? No. They don't have to listen to that. They can just not like you if they don't like you.
       The reality is that we are not entitled to people liking us. And we are not entitled to people not fearing us. We are also not entitled to friendship from others.
       Getting mad at people because of their fears is an abuse of a human right. You have a choice to be and do as you wish, but, others have the equal choice to not be friends with you because of it. I never thought I would defend fear, but, it is now appropriate to do so.
       Any person has the right to fear any religion in this world, because a religion is an organisation. It is not your race, your gender, and it is not a disability.
       The best way to ease the fears of others, if you want to be friends with them, is through kindness. Not through anger. And through your kindness, minds will be opened. Or maybe not. If not, then that is really not anything to take personally.

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