We have been taught wrong. But we can change it.

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       I have been thinking a lot about zeal lately. Could it be that humankind is truly becoming an incredibly zealous lot? We see so much zealous reaction to everything these days, especially since we can see people react on social media all the time!
       What is it about the actions of others that cause so much passionate reaction in our own lives? What is it about the lives and the choices of others, than can cause us to wreck havoc in our own lives via the passion that it strikes in our own minds and hearts?
       Zeal can be described as "burning". And yet burning leads to third degree burns!
       What is to be said about the objects in life that do not cause us to burn, yet are worthy of our utmost admiration? The very small things that bring joy, comfort, reassurance, happiness? Some people are so zealous that they prefer the term "joy" over "happiness", because, "happiness" is supposed to be the shallow form of joy! So zealous that they cannot even be happy!
       And what can be said of morality? Is morality overly thought about and pondered upon? Why do our own moral choices mean so much to us and why do the moral choices of others offend us in such great ways? Why do we place such zeal into our own morality and into the morality of others who are not going to be a part of our lives, anyway?
       Perhaps it is time to let go of the word "morality" and instead live by the word "creed". Morality falls through all the time, anyway, because it is too much associated with the word "hypocrite". But Creed is different. Creed is something that you may draft and construct and live by, without employing the passions that are evoked by the actions of others in their own lives that have nothing to do with your own.
       Perhaps it is time to let go of the word "passion" and all the favour this word has found in our eyes in our century. Instead, favour the word "beauty" (a word which we have all been taught is shallow and we should not care about). If a thought does not produce an end result of beauty— do not think of it! If a belief does not make the world a beautiful place to live in— stop believing in it. Regard beauty as the highest form of thought, belief, and faith. Why should you ever think, believe in, or have faith in what is not a cause for beauty?
       Beauty, happiness... seek the simplicity! This is life unto the human race. Zeal is death, zeal is destruction.

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