What is better than passion? Beauty.

Copyright © Adrian McDonald
       A person should never identify first and foremost with a religion. A person should never forget that he or she is living in a physical body, and that he or she is in fact a person; not only an adherent of his or her religion. To have faith is good. To have faith beyond the identification of the self is wrong. What about you? Do you identify first and foremost with your religion? What is the color of your eyes, what are your dreams at night? What makes you laugh? What do you want to be tomorrow, ten years from now? Many things are you. Your religion is not you. Everybody needs to draw this line in the sand and be like, "That over there is the religion that I subscribe to, it was developed some few thousand years ago and I happen to believe in its teachings." And then look at your side of the line in the sand and say, "This here is me, a person with dreams and hopes. I like to eat oatmeal in the morning, I like strawberries."
       This identification with religion as a person is wrong. People are filled with too much zeal, people forget they are people, and forget that other people are also people, all for a passion in the soul.
       Passion of the soul is a dime a dozen! It is not what they would want you to believe it is! Everyone has it! It is not glorified, it is not anything! You know what's something? The little things are something. They don't even have to make you burn! The smiles of your loved ones, the way the Sun sets and the Moon rises! The flowers and the way they bloom... these are somethings! Beauty! There is too much beauty thrown away in the name of passion. There are too many moments of reflection that are lost because people no longer see themselves reflected in anything other than their religions!

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