On Being Plagiarised In The Work Of Frank Ocean

       We need to cultivate a culture of putting something back where we have taken something else away. The principle is simple: if there is an apple on the table, don't just pick up the apple, walk away with it, eat it. But when you pick up the apple, leave a flower in its place. I do not mean this literally; but I mean this figuratively. We walk around creating so many holes in our own lives and in the lives of others and in this universe, really, because we have not mastered this principle. Most have never even heard of this principle!
       The reason why plagiarism is a truly serious crime, is due to the fact that words are powerful. Words are powerful as weapons and words are powerful as healing balms. Go ahead and think back to your deepest hurt in life: it probably involved some painful words. Go ahead and think back to your greatest joy in life: it probably involves some powerfully loving, healing words. Words have the power to literally build a soul and to literally tear a soul down. Words are to the soul what a hammer, a nail, a knife, an ointment, a medicine; is to the body. You can break a body with a gun and you can break a mind with a word. Words are physical. They can break your mind or they can make your mind.
       Some would say that words cannot be stolen because they are not physical things. When I type here on my keypad, I am using my physical fingers, typing on a physical electronic device, looking at a physical screen in front of me. The words I type physically appear to you. You may be one of the people who have been physically released from rehab thanks to my words. You may be one of the people who have been saved from physical suicide, thanks to something you read that I penned down and released into the world. First I penned it down. Then I released it. Then you caught it. Now you are free, healed, you have light! You may be one of those people. To you, my words are physical. And to me, they surely are.
       I would like to formally address Frank Ocean's fans who tell me that I should feel honoured to be plagiarised by him. I would like to tell you, that honour does not come from dishonour. Honour comes from honour. There are times, when in battle or when in times of crises, when to do a dishonourable thing is something that could become your greatest honour; however, we are not soldiers in battle fighting a war and we are not fighting it out in a time of crisis. I am here, Frank Ocean is there, and he has used my words in a dishonourable way, by simply choosing to ignore the existence of the mind that penned the words that he saw fit enough to be in his treasured screenplay. He treasures his screenplay, obviously. It is a big project of his which he uses to promote his album, "Blonde". He has seen my words as fitting to add to his treasured project, but he conveniently leaves out the mind, the person, the heart that created what he wants to keep as his own. This is not an honour to me. This is a dishonour to me.
       Frank Ocean and I are not in the same boat. He is a hip hop artist, acquainted with people like reality t.v. stars, performers, singers, so on and so forth. Meanwhile, I am an intellectual. I am employed with two scientific journals, one invention company, I founded an astronomical society and up until a few months ago, I was working with an astrophysicist to help build a team for a satellite habitat for humanity (Earth 2.0 style) in outer space. I quit that job because I started having nightmares about the perils of humanity. I mentor CEOs, psychotherapists and scientists (to mention just a few). It may come as a surprise to those who work in the showbiz industry, to discover that there is in fact a whole world of people out there who do not idolize them. It is easy to get caught up in yourself when you have a million or so followers telling you how amazing you are... but there are seven billion people on the planet and some of us are doing other things aside from watching reality t.v. shows. And I am saying this to point out the fact that I am not climbing the same ladder that Frank Ocean is climbing. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to not issue an apology to me, to credit me for my work and to be kind to me. I am not the competition... am I????
       I would also like to address the Frank Ocean fans who say that I don't matter because they don't know me. This is a completely irrelevant way of thinking. Frank Ocean knows me, that is why he has my work inside his work. I am not in a competition with Frank Ocean to find out which of us have more people who know us. Yes, you may not know me, but then why is my work in Frank Ocean's work? So now you should know me. Because it is not his work, it is my work! And this is the relevant way of thinking! I have no time for nonsensical thinking. So you do not know me, and now you are looking at my work there in your face, so now it is needful that you know me, because that is my work you are looking at. Simple. Be practical. No nonsense. Nonsense thinking is a waste of time.
       I have nothing negative to say about Frank Ocean. And it is not my intention to humiliate the individual. He probably produces good music and maybe he wants to do good things in this world. Usually, people do want to do good things in this world. But mostly, they also don't know how exactly to go about that.
       It is not right to act as though I should be honoured or even thankful to be plagiarised here. Just because he is famous, does not bring me honour. My great grandfather was a Taoist High Priest in China, for godsake, I know what the fuck honour means. And this isn't it!
       It is not right for Frank Ocean to act as though I am not worth his time of day. If you put my work in your work and your work is worth your time of day, then I sure as hell am worth your time of day. Maybe you are not worth mine. But I love my work, I respect my readers and fans, so I will address this issue and treat it as it should be treated. I have an immensely amazing following of people who are highly respected individuals: intellectuals, humanitarians, movers and shakers! The caliber of people I work with and who respect me, is enough to make me feel overwhelmed. They are accomplished, influential, amazing people. So when I am disrespected by a hip hop artist, I do not feel anger. I feel pity. I wholeheartedly feel sorry for Frank Ocean right now and that is all I feel. No anger whatsoever.
       There is a better way of being, and we can all be that. Even Frank Ocean can be that. Do not assume that others are lucky to have you walk in their front door; assume first that you are nothing, then if you are welcomed to the table, then you know you are something to them. In this case, my work was welcomed to the table. But then I was told to sit outside. Meanwhile, I am expected to feel lucky to have him walk through my door, though I did not know he would sit at my table! This is all wrong.
       All conflicts can be fixed. But in order for that to happen, all parties must acknowledge the other and must want to arrive at a positive outcome. Let us all strive to stop creating holes in this world. Put something back where you took something away from. That is all.

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