Racism: An Overused Word

       I hear the word "racist" way too often these days. And I mean really, really way too often. It is an overused word for those short on vocabulary. I think that most of the time, cultures between people are simply not compatible and it just so happens that there is usually a race attached to a certain cultural heritage. I really do not think that people are being "racist". I really do think that people's cultures are often incompatible.
      Sure, there are true cases of actual racism. However, not even near as many cases to justify the almost constant use of the word "racist". Different people forming different races usually come from a set cultural background and it is those backgrounds that are often incompatible with other cultural backgrounds.
       Why are cultures often incompatible with one another? That's simple. Each culture has its own way of interpreting values that all human beings hold as very central to our existence. When there are values that we all hold as very central to the interpretation of our existence and we see those very same values being interpreted in a completely different way than how we know and believe to be integral to existing as a moral human being; there are bound to be conflicts! Some of our cultures are highly incompatible and quite often very opposite!
       The good news is that we really are under no obligation to curate our cultures in our own homes in order to appease those who visit our homes. And if they want to stay, they need to adapt our own cultures. It is the same story when we go to visit the homes of others. The only universal rule of all cultures, which all cultures must subjugate themselves to regardless of who goes where, is the rule of not hurting another person.
       How can we avoid hurting another person when something that is not hurtful to us in our own culture might be very hurtful to them in theirs? First and foremost, do not physically harm any other human being unless they have physically harmed you and you are defending yourself. Secondly, do not take advantage of others. Taking advantage of other people is hurtful in any culture, to any family, to any group of people. Do not use others to your advantage without sincere intentions towards them. This is universally hurtful. All other points may be ironed out, but not this one.
       Meanwhile, many people actually believe that to merely see the anthropological differences amongst races is enough to be called a "racist". In reality, the anthropological differences between the races is simply a scientific fact. It is not a belief in the head, it is a scientific fact. Some are generally shorter, others generally taller. Some are generally bigger-boned while others are smaller-boned in general. It is not the differences themselves that are problematic; rather, it is the meaning that people attach to those differences that become problematic. People wanting to be tall when they cannot be tall, people wanting to be short then they cannot be short. People wanting to be bigger when they are smaller and people wanting to be smaller when they are bigger. People wanting to play basketball when they are better physically suited for soccer and people who are better physically suited for basketball wanting to play soccer. Herein lies the problem: that people expect others to be like them, or expect themselves to be just like others! Instead of finding the strengths in what is their own; they find the strengths in what is not their own which they wish they had! Is that true equality? Should it be called "equality" when I strive to be you and do what you do best, instead of striving to be me and doing what I can do best? Is this your meaning of "equality"? Because if so, how feeble a word it is on your tongues! Why do we always feel the need to prove to others that we can do anything that they can do? There are many things we can do better that they can't; so what is the problem? Accept the differences, focus on your own strengths.
       We also carry within us our own culture. Our cultures dictate how we interact with others and how we carry ourselves on a daily basis. We must live to the highest standards of our culture, so long as we believe that it elevates us unto the best possible version of ourselves and so long as it does not demand that we physically hurt another or that we take advantage of another. We should only change our own culture, if there is evidence that it is inferior to another. If our culture is inferior to another, we may expand our open mindedness and develop better ways. Are some cultures inferior? Of course! Almost every day, I have improved upon the culture I carry within my mind, for when I find something inferior about the culture within my mind, I change it, I open my mind to adapt what is superior so that the following day I will have improved myself! Now, on a macrocosmic scale, we may judge the inferiority of our cultures depending on where our cultures have gotten us in society as a whole, in how we interact with other people, in how we work with others, etc.
       So, as you can see, while I believe that there are some who truly suffer from actual racism, I am of the persuasion that there are too many people who do not realise how incompatible some of our cultures are and how these backgrounds entail that we simply can never get along with some, on this basis. Face the reality: there are types of people that you will never be able to get along with and it has nothing to do with the colour of their skin; it has everything to do with what is inside their minds.

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