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       This US election season is something I have been observing since it began. I have been observing the conversations that happen between people. Thanks to social media, this is an easy thing to do. Election day is nearing and as the season nearly comes to a close, I can draw a conclusion to all of my observations.
        I have not once seen an individual say: "This is the presidential candidate whom I support, because I believe that he can do this and that for the nation"; "This is the presidential candidate whom I support, because I believe that this certain so and so agenda is beneficial for us as a people." Nope. Not even once. The only thing that I have seen and heard are along the lines of this: "This is my candidate because anyone who votes for the other one is a low scum of a human being"; "This is the presidential candidate whom I have chosen, because that other one said something really mean"; "This is my future president because I wouldn't be a good person if I liked the other one"; "This is my future candidate because I hate that other one."
       We are always quick to blame "systems" and "status quos" and "companies" and "bureaucracies" for everything that is wrong with us. But I have concluded that sometimes, what is wrong with us, is ourselves! What's wrong with you is that you are selfish, short sighted and self absorbed. Unable to see past your own outstretched arm, you only see what exists in between the space from your shoulder to the tip of your fingers. Nothing more!
       Maybe America will never be a great nation again, because, her people do not know how to think for the benefit of everyone as a whole. Her people are divided to an extreme level, her own people are the ones cutting the nation into slices, like a cake or a pie! Her people are preoccupied with outward appearances and popular opinions. Not concerned with the inner existence of evil; rather, immensely preoccupied with the appearance of evil on the outside. What would they think if I chose that candidate? What would they think if I didn't choose this one? What would the world say? What would my friends say?
       Why are you voting for a president? Is it because the person is someone you like? You like how they talk or you like how they walk or you like how they laugh? Is it because everyone else is doing it, too? Or is it because you believe that the nation will progress as one people under that person?
       Because at the end of the day, there are no sides! There are no sides! You are all in the same boat, together! You'll always be in the same boat together, for as long as you share a nation! It's not about you. It's about you and every single other citizen, too. What is better for your own people, as a nation, regardless of your own personal feelings?
       When we talk about love for one's partner, we know this involves sacrifice, tenacity, steadfastness. But do you realise what the love for your own nation means? Because this involves the same principles: sacrifice, steadfastness, tenacity... on behalf of the nation. Not just you. You cannot say you love your nation if you only think of yourself, your own personal persuasions and what you think is mean or not mean. Do you even love your nation at all? Because if not, this means that you do not love the ground that you are going to be buried in, the ground that people whom you have loved and have known are buried in. Think about that. Do you know what it means to love your nation?
       Much has been said about globalisation. But do not bring to me a person who says that she loves the world, when she does not even understand what it means to love her own country. Do not bring me a man who says he loves everyone in the world, when he does not know how to love his own neighbor. Enough of the lies, enough of the nonsense. Love your family, then your neighborhood, then your city, then your nation. After that, love the world. Because only then would you know what love means.
       I suppose this election is actually about choosing the sins we believe to be lesser sins. Each party thinks that the other party spreads lies, each party believes the best about their own and the worst about the other. But what if all the sins were true, and everyone on every side were simply telling it like it is? You don't have many choices, do you? You can either believe that all are telling lies, or that all are telling the truth. But do not say that the other is telling a lie and you are not. Because the other also thinks the same about you! And so, you are both the same! Rather, let's say all the sins about each party are in fact accurate. Now, choose which sins are lesser sins in your eyes, because in doing this, you will be choosing what you believe to be the lesser evil, not based upon the notion that everybody else is wrong and you are right; rather, based upon the conclusion that you will make the best decision with the information that is laid on the table for you. I suppose this year we choose our demon. May it be the demon with lesser sins, but more importantly, may it be the demon that is able to lift up the nation, for the betterment of our brothers, our sisters, our fellow Americans.

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