The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Priyanka Dass

Everyone, meet Priyanka Dass. Pri is a biotechnologist from India. Here is what she has to say after reading my latest book, The Conversation of Dragons:

"If you are reading The Conversation of Dragons now, let me begin by saying this: that you will come out stronger after you put this book down. To me, this book is unlike the previous two books, even though it drew something from all of them, it is not all silk, all gentle and as its name implies, it is fierce in itself.

You will agree with me that it seems like you are reading an ancient mythical book because it is deep, meaningful, and enlightening in ways that make it seem otherworldly. It made me question myself, ‘What am I made of?’, ’What is the potential that I carry?’, ‘How am I significant?’ The answers to all my questions were in front of my eyes as I kept reading. Questions that I thought make no sense, questions that I thought have no answers and yet I was blown away page by page as if it was a letter that was written to me!

Once I finished reading it, I understood the fire that is within me, what it means and what it is like to be the bearer of this fire in a world like this.

One thing that I am sure of, is that either this book is for you, or it’s not, there is no in between. And if this is for you, you will forever be thankful for all the ways it will rebuild and establish you, just like it did for me."

Discover more about Pri:

Priyanka is a Biotechnologist who is currently working towards her Masters in Biotechnology at Christian Eminent College. She is also founder of Kohled Words, a professional Writing Studio that provides clients with various services.

Pri is also a part of Victory Fellowship International, a Christian Youth Fellowship in India, founded by students from Africa. She is the Committee of their Indore branch.

Aside from all the brainy stuff that Priyanka likes to do, she also enjoys the art of hand lettering, painting and playing with children.

You can connect with Priyanka on Instagram here: @priyankadass

You can read some of her poetry and prose on Instagram here: @fleshandsoul

You may also connect with her on LinkedIn here:

Priyanka is remarkable. Be remarkable like Priyanka. :)

The Conversation of Dragons is still in manuscript form with my beta reader team and will be coming soon, early next year. Look for it, find it!

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